7 Ideas for Achieving Your Dream Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

Kitchen in renovation

Got a tired-out-looking kitchen? Do you have grand ideas for a kitchen renovation, but are worried about the costs involved? With the average cost of a kitchen refurbishment being between £5,000 and £18,000 and the current pressures on finances, it could well seem that a kitchen renovation is off the cards at the moment. However, if you’re savvy, there are ways to manage your kitchen renovation on a budget. This blog will look at some kitchen renovation ideas to transform and renew this vital part of your home, without breaking the bank.

1. The power of colour and paint

The simplest and quickest kitchen renovation can come from simply using paint. Paint can refresh and brighten up the most tired-looking kitchen. Walls, cabinets and even tiles can be painted – with the right paints – for an instant uplift. Think carefully about your choice of colours as different ones will create very specific vibes for your room. Black and white are formal and clean colours for simplicity and sophistication at the same time, with grey being more neutral and business-like. But if you prefer stronger colours, yellow and orange tones bring warmth and vitality whereas green and blue give tones of peace, nature and trust. For a classic look, stick to neutral colours for main walls, tiles and cabinets but add ‘pops’ of colour with a feature wall or accessories that stand out and create the colour feel you’re looking for. Accessories that are inexpensive and easy to give a colour feature when you’re on a budget for your kitchen renovation might be window dressings, furniture, pictures and clocks, decorative dishware or even your countertop appliances which can be purchased in different colours.

2. Upgrade appliances

One way to perk up your kitchen quickly, rather than a total kitchen renovation project, is to simply upgrade your appliances. New, shiny appliances give a fresh, bright look immediately, even if you’re not purchasing in a bright colour to tone with the general look. If your appliances are tired and old, they may well also be consuming more electricity than they should, so by upgrading them, you will save on your bills, as newer appliances are generally more energy efficient.

3. Think shelving

Consider open shelving which can showcase your china and dishware and will save on extra cupboard doors, which are often one of the more expensive elements of a kitchen renovation. Floating shelves are another way to feature your decorative china and they have the added benefit of visually creating the impression of extra height.

4. Lovely lighting

Not only is a dark and moody kitchen less welcoming to guests or pleasant to spend time in, but it’s more dangerous, as handling hot items or sharp knives without sufficient lighting will lead to accidents. Consider renovating your kitchen by adding extra lighting under eye-level cabinets or some new decorative pendant lighting. Also, using daylight bulbs that simulate natural light will keep a homely and inviting feel to your kitchen rather than going for overly bright, synthetic, fluorescent lighting.

5. Quality flooring

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it generally will sustain the highest level of footfall of any room in the house, so choosing the perfect flooring is essential. Renovating your kitchen on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on getting this element right. Tiles and ceramic flooring are hardwearing and durable but can be cold underfoot. Consider installing luxury vinyl, which can be surprisingly affordable and look exactly like expensive wooden flooring or slate tiles, but is much warmer underfoot and easier to maintain.

6. Cabinet makeover

If your cupboards are in fairly good shape, then rather than ripping the whole kitchen out, consider just refacing the cabinets, fixtures and fittings, which will look as though you’ve renovated the kitchen from scratch, but for much less money or time to implement. If you’re not aiming to completely renovate the kitchen’s shape or layout then this is a perfect money saver. For greater budget savings, you could just consider painting the existing cabinet doors and drawers for an instant uplift, and if the thought of doing it yourself is too much, they can be taken for a professional respray for less than new doors will cost. An even more radical or money-saving idea is to completely remove the doors for an open-shelf look – although it will mean you have to keep your supplies and crockery tidier, as they’ll be permanently on show.

7. New worktops

Another way to give your kitchen a complete facelift without a total renovation or spending a big budget is to simply replace the countertops. If your worktops are looking tired and old, adding a worktop that is light-coloured and luxurious-looking can add the extra touch of elegance that your kitchen is crying out for. A worktop that is light in colour will reflect the light and give an instant uplift to your kitchen space and it can be purchased at more affordable prices than you might have thought. Saving on the replacing of cupboards and opting for a more minor upgrade to flooring and lighting will allow you space in the budget to create a truly luxurious feel with a quality worktop. A light Carrara marble, beautiful sintered stone worktop even a light-coloured quartz worktop will fool your friends and family into thinking you’ve gone all-out for a super expensive kitchen renovation, especially as the worktops are the first thing people see when they walk in, and they will reflect light – giving the impression of brightness.

Bellagio Marble Ideas for your kitchen renovation on a budget

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