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Whether you are about to begin a total kitchen redesign or just looking to update the heart of your home, the Autumn/Winter season is a great time to make interior changes to your kitchen. As the months grow colder and our daylight hours grow shorter, we begin to spend more time in our homes – and particularly in our kitchens, cooking up hearty meals and entertaining family and friends. So, for those who want their finger on the pulse, what are the kitchen trends taking the spotlight this season? We are here to talk you through a few of our favourite kitchen interior trends for AW21.

Kitchen pantries

If you are lucky enough to have the space to spare, pantries have had somewhat of a revival in modern kitchens. Of course, pantries are nothing new. They have been a kitchen staple for centuries, typically found in older, period properties. Today though, they don’t often feature in more modern design.

open shelving in a kitchen pantry

That being said, pantries are back on our kitchen wishlists, as influenced by the pandemic. With lockdown keeping us away from our favourite restaurants, many of us turned to cooking and baking to while away the hours. And for those who were fortunate enough to be able to, we purchased more food and stored up our favourite comfort foods, resulting in the need for extra storage. The luxury of a pantry leaves room to spare in kitchen cupboards and perhaps even frees up entire walls for design features such as open shelving or statement artwork.

Autumn tablescapes

Tablescaping is somewhat of an art that can be tricky to get right, but when all else fails, there is always Pinterest to offer all the inspiration you could want! With cosy colours and textures in abundance, this time of year is arguably the perfect time to dress your kitchen dining table or kitchen island to the nines.

autumn tablescape

Bring nature and the outdoors into your autumn tablescape with pocket-sized gourds and squashes, pillar candles and warm coloured garlands. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to make a kitchen feel cosy, but a carefully crafted tablescape can bring a warm and welcoming feel to your kitchen this season – and who doesn’t want that?

Plus, it’s easy to transition your tablescape into the festive season. Simply swap out your gourds, squashes and autumn garlands for festive foliage, pinecones, baubles and fairy lights.

Two-toned kitchen design

Why choose one colour for your kitchen cabinetry when you could have two? Double the impact of your kitchen design with one of the kitchen interior trends that has been making waves throughout 2021. The two-toned trend is all about combining design elements and contrasting shades to add real character and individuality to your space.

two toned kitchen design

So, how do you get the two-toned trend right? Choosing a deep rich shade, such as navy or forest green, for your lower cabinetry and complimenting it with a light, neutral shade for your top cabinetry will add a unique twist to your kitchen design. If you’d prefer to stay away from contrasting shades, opt for tonal colours and choose a blend of dark grey and light grey for instance.

It’s not only colour that you can play around with. Experiment with cabinetry textures too, mixing gloss with matte or wood grains and shaker styles.

Statement kitchen countertops

This season, don’t let your kitchen countertops fade into the background. As such a focal point of any kitchen, countertops are worth getting right. White, grey and neutrals will always look classic. However, this season we’re favouring statement, luxurious patterns and colours to add grandeur to a kitchen space.

statement stone kitchen worktop

When choosing the right material for your statement kitchen countertops, one stone that everyone is talking about at the moment is Dekton. Dekton is a fairly new material on the market, quickly gaining popularity due to its resilience and durability. It is a sintered stone. This means that it is non-porous, easy to maintain and highly resistant to stains, chipping, UV rays and temperature changes.

If your kitchen is central to your busy family life, Dekton worktops will withstand pretty much anything – including hot pans from the oven – and truly stand the test of time.


Introducing Japandi – the lovechild of elegant Japanese and minimalist Scandi interiors. New to 2021, but we think this is one of the big kitchen interior trends that is here to stay. Japandi brings the Scandinavian concept of ‘Hygge’, which is all about cosiness and comfort, together with the Japanese concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which is about appreciating the beauty found in imperfection. Internet searches for the term ‘Japandi’ have sky-rocketed over the last year, with many captivated by the light colours and clean lines.

japandi kitchen design

So, how do you bring the Japandi style into your kitchen? Start by keeping your colour palette neutral and earthy. Use natural materials such as wood and plants to add a touch of nature and calm to your space. Avoid clutter and keep things functional. Choose just one or two statement pieces to add decor and keeping toasters, kettles and other appliances inside storage spaces.

The colour of the season – green

If there’s one colour that has taken centre stage in kitchen interiors this season, it’s green. Green promotes a sense of connection with nature, which many of us have been craving since the lockdown earlier in the year. Not only this but the colour green has been scientifically proven to decrease our heart rate and alleviate stress. And if there’s one thing we want our homes to be after the last few years, it’s a stress-free safe haven.

green kitchen design

With over 86,000 posts on Instagram within the #greenkitchen hashtag, it’s plain to see that this interior trend is big this season. Which shade of green you go for in your kitchen will depend on the size of your space, the functionality and how much natural daylight the room gets. Smaller kitchens will benefit from muted, olive tones. Larger, lighter spaces will soak up the drama of deep, jewel tones contrasted with light, bright tiles and splashbacks.

Have we inspired your kitchen redesign plans with these kitchen interior trends? All it takes is a spark of an idea to get the design process started. If you are looking for quality stone for your new kitchen countertops, then we at Bellagio Stone are here to bring your ideas to life.

If you are ready to start creating your bespoke stone surface, contact our team today.

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