Carden Park

Carden Park project

What Did They Want?

Carden Park is a place where joy, refinement and a connection with nature coexist.

Carden Park were undertaking the development of a new state of the art spa, along with refreshing key elements of their existing venue. They needed precise stone fabrication and fit, so the build was representative of their exceptional experience.

Our Approach?

Quality of product and fit is vital when working with luxury hotel partners, but for this brief, so too was reliability and timeliness. Every moment in build either effected customer satisfaction or costs revenue through closure.

Durability is vital in commercial installations. At Bellagio Marble Ideas we believe durability comes from two key areas; we specify and source the highest quality stone and fabricate and fit with exceptional accuracy.

The Delivery

Carden Park required stone for different applications; from staircases to bar tops, we sourced, templated, and fitted Silestone by Cosentino to transform each space. We installed with speed and accuracy to ensure the stone retains its beauty for years to come.


Steve Morgan and Jonathan Masters, Commercial Director for Bridgemere UK PLC .

“The Spa at Carden is a sensational new spa facility within the heart of the Cheshire countryside. It is finished to the highest of standards and appeals to the most discerning of guests.

Carden Park Hotel was delighted that Bellagio Marble Ideas  manufactured, supplied and installed some extraordinary polished Silestone finishes to the incredibly elegant feature staircases, reception counters, retail displays and an absolutely stunning fire pit surround.

The service and attention to detail that BMI provided, were beyond compare. Without exception, guests of the Spa have been as overwhelmed by the breathtaking results as Carden Park itself has been.”

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