How to clean and maintain your kitchen worktops?

Maintaining your kitchen worktops doesn’t have to be a struggle – no matter the type of material. Here at Bellagio, we have the know-how to help you properly clean and maintain your kitchen worktops, enabling them to look beautiful for years to come.


Maintaining your new kitchen countertop

Your gleaming stone surface has introduced a sense of opulence and luxury to your space and everything feels fresh and exciting. You’re finally motivated to make your cooking dreams a reality and find yourself spending an increasing amount of time in the kitchen. But how can you hold on to that feeling long after installation?

As you know, all our worktops are designed to last a lifetime. So, to keep your worksurfaces looking their best, we recommend following our handy tips on care and maintenance.

How to clean kitchen worktops - tips & tricks


Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to their low porosity, our quartz countertops are highly resistant to household stains.

Bellagio Marble Ideas recommends you use the supplied cleaner* to clean our quartz surfaces.


Grease stains

Apply the supplied cleaner* or a diluted, mild soapy solution (such as liquid dish soap) onto the stain and rub it with a sponge until it disappears.

Repeat the process if necessary. Next, rinse with a generous amount of water and dry the affected area.



Use cleaning vinegar ( white vinegar can be used) and a damp sponge. If the stain persists, repeat the process. If necessary, work the solution onto the surface and leave for a few minutes. Always rinse with plenty of water and dry with a soft lint free cloth.


Cleaning Difficult Stains

For difficult stains, apply some of the supplied cleaner (or an alternative appropriate cleaner) onto the affected area and leave for 2 minutes. Next, scrub with a gentle scouring pad (white type - non scratch), rinse with plenty of water and dry with a clean lint free cloth. If the stain persists, contact Bellagio Marble Ideas.

* Other cleaners may also be used but must not contain bleach and must be non-abrasive. To be safe, check each cleaning product first on an inconspicuous area, to ensure that it doesn't damage the surface.

Avoid these while maintaining kitchen worktops


Heat damage

When using pots and pans and other items that give off heat, do not place them directly onto the surface. Instead, you should use a trivet or tablemat (a rubber one, if possible) until they have cooled down. Sharp differences in temperature (between hot and cold) can damage the surface.



One of the most notable features of these surfaces is high impact resistance. However, you should still take additional care, especially with area that are less resistant, such as worksurface edges and sink cut outs.




Products such as solvent or acetone should not be used for cleaning worktops or slabs.
Abrasive scouring pads should not be used. It is advisable to use a microfibre cloth or damp paper towel.


In general use

Do not leave water on the surface for long periods of time. The most susceptible areas are those that are close to sinks.
Do not use sharp objects to cut directly on the worktop surface. Instead, use other protective materials such as chopping boards.

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Care and Maintenance guide

granite warranty form

Granite Warranty Registration form

quartz warranty form

Quartz Warranty Registration form

Do I need to reseal my kitchen worktops?

At Bellagio Marble Ideas, we design all of our worktops with lasting quality in mind. As such, you shouldn’t have to reseal your stone worktops unless you really want to. Because our stone is non-porous, you should be able to keep it looking pristine and stain free, simply by following our expert tips.

You can choose to reseal if you want to, as this will add an extra layer of protection. Resealing is affordable and won’t affect your stone’s appearance – but you can rest assured that it is entirely optional and your worktops will continue to shine with or without it.


What to do if you need to repair my kitchen worktop

We’re so confident in your new stone worksurfaces that we provide a full warranty with all our installations, in addition to offering expert aftercare advice to keep your stone worktops looking amazing. Our expert installers should check that everything is in top condition before they leave your property but, if you do notice a defect, please let us know straight away. We’re also available to guide you on any repair work you may require over time.

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Worktops with stain resistant properties

We partner with some of the top stone surface brands and all our kitchen worktop materials are hard wearing and designed to look great in your home.


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sintered stone worktop

Sintered for indoor and outdoor use

Sintered stone is manufactured under pressure, making it incredibly durable and easy to maintain. It resists heat, stains, scratches and chips and is also non-porous, making it hygienic and easy to clean.