Clever Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

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With the fast-growing number of kitchen appliances that are released every year, locating sufficient storage space can be a struggle. An untidy kitchen is no help to anyone and creates a negative space for a homeowner or families that need room to unwind, relax and have fun in. The kitchen is the heart of the home and without the correct storage, the most important room in your home, where you cook and provide for family and friends becomes a stressful environment. Fortunately, here at Bellagio Marble Ideas, we can provide our expert knowledge on clever storage ideas to keep the clutter and all your kitchen appliances and supplies kept tidily stored away, leaving you feeling unburdened by a disorganised kitchen.

Utilise freestanding shelves and furniture

Freestanding shelves and other pieces of furniture are a great way to store all kinds of visually interesting kitchen equipment and food items. Instead of having items out of sight in the cupboard or pantry, freestanding shelves will help you display some of your favourite items for everyone to see. Freestanding shelves are not fitted in place permanently, allowing you to move your shelves wherever you desire. They are ideal for storing items such as jars, pots and pans, plates and more. Another benefit of freestanding furniture is that everything will be on hand to grab and use, as well as giving your kitchen a more personal feel.

Sort out your kitchen drawers

To some, an untidy kitchen drawer is a big red flag – others might simply not care. However, if you feel like your kitchen utensils are starting to become cluttered on your surfaces or you’re constantly struggling to find the pizza cutter among your selection of silverware, then this would be a great time to invest in drawer separators or containers. These can fit in your kitchen drawers helping you find a space for all your utensils. Group all your forks and knives in unison, your baking equipment can fit tightly together and now you’ll be able to locate the pizza cutter! Separators and containers are very affordable too and can be found in a variety of sizes for any drawer.

Hang your pots and pans

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen tidy and organised is to utilise vertical space. Pots and pans are some of the bulkiest kitchen items and can be hard to store away effectively. You won’t have to worry about these cluttering your kitchen if you utilise your vertical space and hang them up. There are multiple ways you can achieve this great idea – for example, you could hang up a pegboard to hang up your pots and pans – or purchase hooks to hang over your extractor fan. Pegboards are usually available in several colours and styles, enabling you to keep your kitchen looking the way you want. Hanging your pots and pans up compared to having them stored in cupboards also allows you to grab them quickly, whilst keeping them clean and free from corrosion.

Pull out bins

Pull-out bins are a great way to maximise your storage space. You can use them to store your rubbish and recycling without the need of having a large bin taking up valuable space. Pull-out bins can be added to your cupboards, drawers, or any part of your kitchen that can be, well – pulled out. These neat applications are also good for storing cleaning equipment under your sink helping your cleaning solutions to stay tidy and organised.

Use the inside of your cupboard doors

Much like the pull-out bins, this distinct storage solution will be placed out of sight most of the time you are in your kitchen. You can install small shelves onto your cupboard or pantry doors that will be able to store a plethora of items, such as spices, bottles, packets and more. It not only frees up other spaces, but also multiplies the capacity of your cupboard. You’ll be free of mess with this clever storage idea and have all your ingredients and seasonings on hand every time you open your cupboard or pantry door.

Other storage ideas to consider

No matter the layout of your kitchen, Bellagio Marble Ideas has a host of clever storage ideas to keep your kitchen tidy and free of clutter. You could install hanging baskets, for example, which are an excellent way to store fruits and vegetables freeing up your counter space. Another ideal solution to kitchen storage is attaching a magnetic strip to the wall to store knives and other metal utensils.

If you’re looking for beautiful and unique kitchen worktops to create more storage space for your kitchen, along with these other amazing ideas, then Bellagio Marble Ideas can transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. We can help create your dream vision while considering all your storage needs.

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss kitchen worktop ideas today to install in your kitchen.

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