How Much Do Granite Worktops Cost? 

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Home renovations can be a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to come together and plan the look and feel of their perfect home. The important details lay in the planning and getting these in place early can aid a smooth installation. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, worktops will always be the finishing touches that really bring the room to life, so it is helpful to understand the range of materials available to make an informed decision. Amongst others, one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops is granite.  

But what makes it so desirable? 

Where Does Granite Come From? 

Granite is an igneous rock formed deep within the Earth’s crust. As magma begins to cool, numerous minerals within crystallise at varying temperatures. As the magma gets even cooler, the minerals break off and accumulate leading to the creation of various rocks. Granite is one of the last rocks to be formed in this process, only separating from the magma at the latter stages once it is rich in aluminium, potassium and silica. 

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Why Use Granite For Your Worktops? 

Granite offers numerous natural properties that make it a superb choice of material for kitchen worktops including the following: 


Granite is considered one of the most durable kitchen worktop materials available as it is one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on Earth. The primary minerals forming granite include a large ratio of quartz, which is renowned for its toughness, and this contributes greatly to the durability of granite kitchen worktops.  

Heat Resistant 

In a hot kitchen, granite worktops are an informed choice as they offer superb heat resistance thanks to their natural formation process. As granite is created at extremely high temperatures, from cooling magma, deep in the Earth’s crust, it has a natural resilience to heat and should have no problems handling the highest temperatures a standard kitchen offers. A true dragon can rise from the pyre unharmed.  

Stain Resistant  

Granite, like most natural stones, is somewhat porous, meaning it has multiple microscopic pores that can absorb liquids resulting in stains. However, this can be prevented by having your granite kitchen worktops sealed with a specifically designed chemical which will offer additional defence against spillages like wine or oils. It will never be 100% stain proof, but if cleaned and maintained properly the possibility of staining is minimal. 

Low Maintenance 

When sealed properly, granite kitchen worktops don’t harbour bacteria which makes the material extremely hygienic and very easy to clean. How to clean granite worktops is simply a matter of warm soapy water and a soft cloth. There is no requirement for specialised detergents and chemicals are discouraged as they may break down the sealer. Thanks to the durability of granite, it is also highly resistant to scratches and chips making it less liable to need repairs. If looked after properly in your kitchen, granite worktops can last a lifetime looking as beautiful as the day they were bought. 

Increases Property Value 

Granite kitchen worktops are often associated with luxury and elegance, which is why installing them in your home can really add that wow factor – especially when showing around potential buyers. Granite has a timeless, classic appeal that will always be met with approval as people recognise its natural qualities which can last a lifetime without it looking dated or out of fashion, meaning no kitchen refurb costs for the new owners.  

One-of-a-kind Worktops 

But what makes granite kitchen worktops jaw-dropping is each one is completely unique. Thanks to the natural mineral formation crystallised through the magma cooling stage, there are no two pieces alike. The stunning piece of natural stone in your kitchen will be the only one the world over. An exclusivity usually reserved for a monarch or the 1%.  

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Factors That Affect the Price of Your Granite Worktops 

To understand the potential costs of your granite kitchen worktops you need to consider various factors that come into effect, such as the level of the raw material based on its rarity. Level 1 is the lowest priced as the colours (brown, grey, black, neutral) and patterns are considered most common whilst level 2 granite has more complex, rarer patterns and colours which add to the price. Level 3 contains exotic colours like blues and greens and offers rare and intricate patterns – which come with a premium. 

Source Distance 

Granite is quarried all over the world and different areas will produce certain varieties of patterns and colours, so if your choice of material happens to be quarried a great distance away you will likely incur a greater cost to cover shipping costs.  


How big or small is your kitchen? Granite worktops come in all shapes and sizes, and you typically pay per square metre. So, the cost of your granite kitchen worktops will always be affected by your required dimensions. Make sure to measure up precisely to ensure a perfect fit and it is advisable to employ a professional to avoid any costly errors later down the line.  

Fabrication and Installation 

Granite kitchen worktops can last a lifetime if looked after properly and this includes before they are in your home. Perfect kitchen worktops are not just a matter of the material used but the precise fit and finish. This comes from the fabrication and cutting from the supplier and then the professional installation. This brings with it additional labour costs, and unless you are a qualified stonemason, they are unavoidable but worth every penny.  

Are Granite Kitchen Worktops Worth the Price? 

Absolutely. We at Bellagio Marble Ideas have been creating beautiful granite kitchen worktops for happy customers for nearly 20 years and we know the look and feel of the exquisite patterns and vivid hues never tire, and the raw materials are built to last. Over a lifetime, it is a small price to pay for the luxury it brings, and we offer superb prices on our range of colours and styles. Visit our stunning showroom in Warwick where we showcase our great range, offering inspiration and stirring imagination. You can also contact us to discuss your project or request a sample to help bring your dream kitchen to life.  

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