Granite or Quartz Worktops: Which is Better?

granite or quartz kitchen worktop

Once upon a time, family and friends would come together in the lounge to spend time in each other’s company, or even further back, gather around the Joanna (piano – pronounced “Gianna” in cockney rhyming slang) to sing some of the hits of the era and tell stories of their day. As times change, one thing remains eternal, the nature of humans to connect through storytelling. And one of the most popular modern venues for a catch-up is the kitchen.

At Bellagio, we understand the need for a kitchen to be both an area for cooking and for hosting, and we know how nice it is when your kitchen has that little bit of ‘wow’ factor to really impress your guests, and kitchen worktops of granite or quartz will not disappoint.

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops, commonly referred to as granite countertops in some regions, are surfaces used in kitchens, made from granite, a naturally occurring igneous rock, which offers a host of benefits as a kitchen worktop, including the following:


Granite is a very hard material, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, dents or cracks and gives kitchen worktops a long-life expectancy.

Natural Beauty

Granite is a stunning natural stone, and thanks to its formation process, no two pieces are the same. Meaning your kitchen worktops are not only exquisite but also one-of-a-kind.

Unique Patterns

Deep within the Earth’s crust, cooling magma insulated by surrounding rock forms large crystals, which over time, and through weathering and erosion, become unique pieces of granite.

Heat Resistance

Thanks to its origins deep within the baking heat of the Earth’s crust, granite develops a strong resistance to heat, making it ideal for placement of cooking pans.

However, though granite worktops come with so many positive attributes, there are other factors to consider before deciding whether granite worktops would be right for you. One is the level of maintenance they require. Being a porous material, your worktops will need sealing to maintain their stain resistance and keep them looking good. All our granites are sealed using a specialist sealer allowing us to offer a 15-year stain-proof warranty. The sealing is done in the factory prior to installation so there’s no need for re-sealing. It is also important to consider the cost as granite is one of the more expensive kitchen worktop materials.

Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops are similar in appearance to granite but are man-made by combining natural quartz crystals with resins and pigments. This offers an opportunity for a more uniform kitchen as the pattern and colouring of slabs can be replicated, as well as the following benefits:


Thanks to the strength of quartz and the flexibility of the added resins, quartz worktops are incredibly resistant to scratches and chips.

Low Maintenance

Being a non-porous material, quartz doesn’t absorb liquids, helping it remain stain-free and meaning it doesn’t require sealing. It can be cleaned with soap and water.

Wide Range of Colours and Designs

Quartz kitchen worktops are available in a huge range of colours and patterns and are often designed to mimic the appearance of granite, marble and limestone.

Though there are many benefits to quartz kitchen worktops, there are downsides to the material to consider. Quartz kitchen worktops are not as heat resistant as granite and other materials, so it is highly recommended to never place hot pans directly onto the surface. This problem is overcome with the use of a trivet. Also, quartz kitchen worktops tend to be in the higher price bracket for kitchen worktops, and when considering quartz worktops vs granite cost, granite will typically cost less.

A Detailed Comparison: Granite vs. Quartz Worktops

Granite Worktop Quartz Worktop
Natural Stone
100% 90-95%
A very strong stone but susceptible to cracking if subjected to extreme pressure or a heavy object is dropped on it. The resin in a quartz worktop offers flexibility making the material less likely to crack or chip.
Be careful with acidic liquids which can etch the stone. Non-porous and resistant to staining. Doesn’t need to be sealed.
A natural stone with unique patterns, veining and colours ranging from earthy tones to blues, greens and blacks. Being man-made, quartz is available in a wide range of colours and has a more consistent look. Even available in colours that mimic granite.
The price can vary significantly based on the rarity of the colour or pattern, with some exotic slabs being very expensive. The cost of quartz worktops is more consistent but when it comes to the standard quartz worktops vs granite price, quartz will typically be a little more expensive.
Granite is a natural stone and so only comes in colours offered by Mother Nature. However, this includes earthy colours, blues, greens, whites and many shades of grey. Being a man-made material, quartz kitchen worktops could be created in most colours and a wide range of options is readily available online to give you inspiration.
UV Resistance
Granite offers better UV protection. As a natural stone, its colours are inherent to the minerals present in the stone, giving it a stronger UV resistance.
Standard quartz worktops can discolour over time when exposed to direct sunlight, due to the resin and pigments used in the manufacturing process.
Heat Resistance
Granite is highly resistant to heat, and hot pots and pans can be placed directly onto the surface without any damage. When it comes to quartz worktops vs granite heat tests, quartz will always lose as it doesn’t have the same high resistance levels.
With regular cleaning and sealing, granite kitchen worktops can be very hygienic, but if the maintenance lapses, bacteria can grow from absorbed spillages. Being non-porous prevents quartz kitchen worktops from allowing liquids to penetrate which helps prevent the growth of bacteria.
Thanks to the popularity of granite kitchen worktops, it is readily available throughout the world. For the same reason as granite, quartz kitchen worktops are easy to come by.
Granite is a heavy material and installation requires professionals to ensure slabs are properly supported and seams are well matched. Installation of any kitchen worktop materials takes precision cutting, handling and securing. It is a process best left to professionals.

Factors to Consider: Quartz Worktops vs Granite Worktops Pros and Cons

When it comes to deciding which material you want for your kitchen surfaces, it is good to weigh up quartz worktops vs granite pros and cons to see which is most suited to you and your lifestyle. You will want to factor in your dream design to ensure the material will be fitted seamlessly and within budget. How busy your kitchen is and how much cooking traffic your surfaces will handle will determine the level of maintenance required, and if you prefer an easy task, then quartz worktops will be better suited than granite. Finally, you should consider the longevity of your surfaces as a kitchen worktop is not something you change every couple of years. However, both quartz and granite kitchen worktops can last a lifetime if looked after properly.

Have More Questions About Granite or Quartz Worktops?

Are Granite or Quartz Worktops Better?

There is no definitive answer as both offer great benefits as kitchen worktops. It is always recommended to consider what factors are most important to you, your family and your lifestyle and then research the material that will work best in your kitchen environment.

Is Quartz More Expensive Than Granite?

Standard quartz kitchen worktops will typically be a little more expensive than standard granite versions. However, the price point will change depending on the rarity of the granite, the colour and the quality.

What are the Disadvantages of Quartz Worktops?

The main disadvantages of quartz worktops are their low level of heat resistance. Many people like their kitchen to be as functional as possible and this means not having to include the added step of using trivets.

Why use Quartz Instead of Granite?

Quartz is a great choice for kitchen worktops for people who want a low level of maintenance, a sturdy and durable surface and a wide range of colours to choose from.

Summary: Are Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktops Better?

So, when it comes to quartz worktops vs granite, which is better?

At Bellagio, our expert team value the importance of listening to customers to understand who they are and how they use their kitchen. This customer-centric approach is what helps to ensure the right materials and styles are chosen so everyone has a kitchen they fall in love with for years to come.

Get in touch with our helpful professionals to discuss your requirements or visit our stunning showroom in the heart of Warwick to discover our full range of kitchen worktops and find your inspiration.

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