How Are Quartz Worktops Fitted?


When you purchase quartz worktops or any stone worktops through us here at Bellagio Stone, Bellagio’s dedicated installation team are on hand to perfectly complete the final stages of your project by installing your new worktops.

Even though you will not have to lift a finger, you may be wondering how your stone worktops will be fitted within your home. Here is a simple rundown of the process…


  1. Preparation – the first step in any installation project is to ensure we have clear and safe access into the room. We then clean the surface that the stone will be lifted onto. This will make the surface suitable for the adhesive to key to.
  2. Lifting – next, the stone is to be slowly and carefully lifted into position. Stone surfaces are very heavy, so this usually takes two or three of our experts; one at either end of the stone slab and one in the middle when required. Once it has been positioned correctly, it can be lowered down to ensure the perfect fit.
  3. Fixing – the slab then needs to be propped to allow access for the application of the adhesive to the contact surface. The adhesive we use is a specialist silicone that will not react with the stone over time. Once applied, we put the stone slab back down into its final position.
  4. Setting – the adhesive needs just a few hours to dry and set. Whilst this is setting, a specialist colour-matched resin is applied to all the joints. This sets extremely hard and will withstand the daily wear and tear of a kitchen environment. We ask customers to leave the stone to fully set overnight before using their surfaces as normal. Once set, your stone worktop will stay put for years to come!

quartz worktop on island

Can You Fit Quartz Worktops Yourself?

Whilst it is possible to fit quartz or any stone worktops yourself, we would always recommend having a professional carry out the installation. The obvious reason for this is that you are then guaranteed the truly slick and professional finish that every homeowner desires.

On the more practical side, fitting stone worktops is not the easiest of DIY jobs. Due to its weight, quartz, in particular, can be difficult to manoeuvre out of vehicles, into homes and around limited spaces. A 700mm x 3000mm x 30mm stone worktop, for example, can weigh nearly a quarter of a ton! That’s why fitting stone worktops often involves around three people and some specialist equipment.

man with spirit level on quartz worktops

If you are keen to fit your stone worktops yourself, the experts at Bellagio Stone are here to offer you all the advice and guidance you need, but leaving the installation to us means you can enjoy peace of mind that your stone worktops will be fitted to the highest standard.

How Can I Prepare for My Stone Worktops?

The installation day for your stone worktops is a very exciting time! There are a few things that you can do to prepare your home prior to this.

Firstly, clear the area as much as possible of objects and appliances. This will leave your fitters with more space to work with. It’s also a good idea to give the area a wipe down too and remove any dust.

You could also empty any cupboards that sit below the worktop too. Your fitter will need to get under the cupboards. Find somewhere in another room for your pots, pans and food to live until your installation is complete.

Get more information for how to prepare for a renovation in your kitchen from our helpful guide here.

man removing cupboards when fitting quartz worktops

Speaking of cupboards, you may want to remove cupboard doors and drawers momentarily, although this is not essential. Again, this gives our fitters more space to work and also prevents any accidental damage. We are always incredibly careful in our customer’s homes – but it’s always worth taking extra precautions to keep your kitchen perfect!

We also always appreciate it when a customer ensures that their hallway and access points are clear so that we can easily get your stone worktop and our equipment into your home.

Got any more questions about stone worktops and how we fit them? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through it. Please feel free to browse our collections or visit our showroom to discover our full range of stone surfaces and more.

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