How to Care for Granite Worktops


Caring for granite worktops is thankfully pretty simple. This naturally sturdy material looks after itself most of the time, all you need to do is keep it clean, avoid abrasives and keep on top of the sealing and polishing schedule.  

In this blog post, we’re going to dive into our top cleaning tips as well as some everyday maintenance steps that can help prolong the lifespan of your worktops. So, let’s get into how to maintain a granite worktop 

Our Top Cleaning Tips  

Here are our top five tips for how to clean a granite worktop without damaging your prized kitchen surfaces 

cleaning granite worktops

1. Clean Any Spills Quickly 

The last thing you want is anything sitting on your worktop for long periods of time. Even if it’s just water, food and fluids have a way of finding their way into your worktops if left long enough. Make sure to wipe away any spills as soon as you can.  

2. Avoid Acidic Food and Drink  

Make sure to minimise any direct contact between acidic food and drink and your worktops, and be especially diligent about cleaning up these spills. Use a chopping board when cutting foods such as citrus fruits and be careful with drinks like fruit juice or wine.

3. Only Use Gentle Cleaning Tools  

When you’re wiping your worktops, use only gentle cloths and sponges, no hard or abrasive scourers or brushes. These can damage your all-important seal or even the granite itself.  

4. Find pH-Neutral Cleaning Products  

In the same way that acidic food and drink can damage your worktops, so can acidic or harsh cleaning products. Make sure to use gentle, pH-neutral (or close to) cleaners such as dish soap and warm water or specialist granite cleaning products.  

5. Keep it sealed!  

The very best thing you can do for your granite worktops is to keep them sealed. This seal protects them from all sorts of everyday wear and tear, and keeping up with your routine sealing will keep them pristine for longer.  

granite countertop

How to Maintain your Granite Worktops for Prolonged Use

Now we’ve touched on cleaning, let’s look at how to maintain a granite worktop and some healthy habits.  

1. Use Chopping Boards  

Whenever you’re prepping food on your worktops, never cut items directly on your surfaces. This is a surefire way to damage them. Always use chopping boards.  

2. Keep Hot Items Off the Surface  

Your granite worktops can take a lot, but extreme heat will damage them. Make sure to use coasters, trivets or other heat mats to protect your surfaces from hot pans. Never place a hot pan directly onto your counters.  

3. Address Chips and Cracks  

Chips and cracks in your granite worktops will always get worse if not tackled fast. If you spot any damage, have it professionally repaired and resealed as soon as you can.  

4. Sealing and Polishing  

Your sealant protects your worktops, and polish will protect your sealant. We’ve mentioned it before in this article but it really is that important. Keep your worktops regularly sealed and do your best to routinely polish them too. This will drastically extend the lifespan of your surfaces.  

caring for granite worktops

Caring for Your Granite Worktops is Simple  

Hopefully, we’ve answered the question of ‘How to care for granite worktops?’, and helped you realise that it doesn’t have to be a major chore. With some simple cleaning and maintenance steps, your granite surfaces will last for decades.  

If you need more information on caring for granite worktops, make sure to check out our care and maintenance section, where you can find advice on a range of topics, including removing limescale from stone worktops.  Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team, who will be more than happy to help.  

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