How to Decorate Your Kitchen for Christmas


Happy December! Christmas really begins once we deck out our homes with boughs of holly and bring the festive cheer to our own four walls. We pull the tree from the loft, adorn the mantlepiece with garlands and don the Christmas lights above our front door.

But what about the kitchen? It’s where we prepare our family feast, but it’s often a room that gets overlooked when it comes to the Christmas decs. If you’d like to spread a little festive cheer to the heart of your home this year, here’s how to decorate your kitchen for Christmas.

Decorate the Dining Chairs

An easy win that you may not have considered is to decorate your dining chairs or bar stools. This could be with festive covers, Christmas cushions or it could be as simple as tying a beautiful big red bow around the back of your chairs.

dining chairs decorated for christmas

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to decorating your chairs. As always, Pinterest will be your best friend for all your seasonal chair-decorating inspiration. Whilst whatever you choose to do will look fabulous throughout the month, giving your chairs a little spruce will look particularly effective as part of your set-up if you are hosting Christmas dinner this year.

Festive Florals

Floral arrangements may be best associated with Spring and Summer, but a bunch of blooms bring warmth and cheer in any season. Foliage such as eucalyptus, ivy and fir have well and truly claimed their place in the Christmas decoration traditions, but there are plenty of seasonal flowers around that also deserve a spot amongst the bells and baubles!

festive flower arrangement

So, which flowers should you display on your kitchen counter, island or table this year? Poinsettias are arguably one of the most iconic. They are red in colour with rich green foliage, so will look right at home in a festive display. Red roses are also a great option, alongside snow-white lilies or alstroemeria. Lastly, dashes of berries and holly will finish off any Christmas flower arrangement perfectly.

Candles and Fairy Lights

Creating that cosy, festive feeling at home is all about getting the ambience right. And there’s no better way than achieving that warm Christmas glow better than with candles and fairy lights. When you decorate your kitchen with candles, you can never have too many. Scented candles are somewhat of a staple at Christmas to fill your home with scents of cinnamon, pine, vanilla and cranberry. But pillar candles also look beautiful as part of a bigger display on your kitchen surfaces.

christmas candles

As for fairy lights, the beauty of battery-operated versions is that you can put them anywhere in your home without the need for a plug socket. If you have open shelving or festive table arrangements, fairy lights add a little twinkle when entwined around your nik naks. Make sure you opt for warm white lights to create a cosy glow.

Build a Gingerbread House

If you can resist the urge to eat it before the big day, a gingerbread house makes a whimsical festive addition to your home – and what better place to display it than in the kitchen? They look particularly fitting in kitchens that feature a more traditional style. Plus, not only does gingerbread smell great, but building a gingerbread house is an afternoon’s fun in itself.

gingerbread house

If you have the luxury of a kitchen island, this may be the perfect spot for your creation. They can be pretty delicate, so if you have little ones or pets at home, ensure it’s out of harm’s way so it can survive the festive season unscathed!

Christmas Tablescaping

It’s fair to say that there is no better time to get creative and push the boat out with tablescaping than at Christmas. If you are hosting Christmas this year for friends and family, wow your guests with a show-stopping arrangement.

christmas tablescape

The devil is in the detail, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to transform your dinner table. You could utilise fabrics and even blankets you have around the house as your table cloths or runners for your base, and then add festive additions straight from the great outdoors such as pine cones, fir and sprigs of holly and berries. Once again, head to Pinterest for endless amounts of festive tablescaping inspiration and the best ways to present your Christmas dinner to your guests this year.

So, don’t skip this room when you’re dusting off the Christmas decs this year. Decorate your kitchen by following our fuss-free tips on bringing a little festive cheer to the space.

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