How We Install Granite Worktops

granite kitchen worktop installation

Granite kitchen worktops can really bring your kitchen to life and offer a sophisticated and chic finish. If you are a DIY enthusiast, with a good understanding of safety and building regulations, you may be considering taking on the task personally, but it is strongly advised that a kitchen worktop installation should always be left to highly skilled and experienced professionals. The slightest error in measuring, cutting or installing could result in a poor finish and expensive repair costs.

What Are Granite Worktops?

Granite is a stunning natural stone formed from the cooling and solidification of molten magma deep within the earth. Its main composites are quartz, feldspar and mica, along with small quantities of various other minerals. Granite is available in multiple colours, including whites, creams, blues, reds, blacks and all variations in between as the colour is determined by the minerals present and their distribution throughout the stone. Thanks to the varied mineral formation, the colours, veining and patterns on granite make every slab one-of-a-kind.

The idea of a kitchen worktop, as we know them today, became popular in the early 20th century with the introduction of the Hoosier Cabinet, a free-standing kitchen workstation with a cutting board, flour sifter and other features, and the modernisation of internal architecture. By the mid-20th century, materials like Formica and other laminates had become popular as affordable and easy-to-clean materials. Approaching the 21st century, people wanted a little luxury in their kitchen design, and stunning materials like marble, quartz and granite were introduced offering superb durability and eye-catching visuals.

How Do We Install Granite Worktops?

Installing granite worktops is a complex project best left to the professionals due to the heavy weight of the material and the precision needed for a proper installation with a perfect finish. However, the stunning look of granite kitchen worktops makes the process worthwhile, and Bellagio Marble Ideas has the expertise to ensure your kitchen is properly installed and, with regular maintenance, will last a lifetime.

1. Measure, Cut and Prepare Your Area

We have all heard the old saying, measure twice and cut once and it couldn’t be a more valuable mantra than here. The complete finish of your granite worktop installation depends on the measurements being accurate. The smallest of inconsistencies could cause a butterfly effect, so precision is paramount. Our skilled team will ensure measurements are precise and the granite slabs you choose will fit perfectly in the space. We will also create the cutouts for any sinks or hobs at this point. Once we have your pieces cut, we will prepare the installation area by checking the cabinets are level and stable and the surface is clear of debris and adhesives, ready for the new surfaces to be laid.

2. Installation

Once your area is fully prepared, we will perform a dry fitting which is where we align all your granite worktop slabs in position ensuring the fit is precise and edges are uniform. Slight adjustments can be made at this point if required. When we are happy with everything, a thin layer of silicone-based adhesive is applied to the top of the cabinets and the granite is set in place. We will then apply an epoxy resin to the joints and smooth them to create a consistent finish.

3. Finish

We will finish by sealing the granite worktops to offer them further protection. Though not as porous as marble and limestone, granite is still a natural stone with micro pores that allow liquids and bacteria to penetrate it.

Are There Quality Granite Worktop Installers Near Me?

Bellagio Marble Ideas is one of the UK's leading granite kitchen worktop supply, design and installation companies with many happy customers. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, we are experts in helping you attain the kitchens of your dreams. We know how costly a granite worktop installation can be, how important it is to stick to the budget and how difficult this can be, so we offer a fantastic interest-free credit option to help spread the costs.

Allow our wide range of distinct granite stone worktops to inspire you or visit our stunning showroom in Warwick to really see the gorgeous pieces we offer.

Granite worktops can really bring your kitchen to life and increase your property value, so get in touch with our friendly team to discover how we can assist you in creating your ideal kitchen.


FAQs About Granite Worktop Installation

Is a Granite Worktop Installation Expensive?

The cost to install granite kitchen worktops varies widely depending on several factors including the cost of the granite stone, the tools required, transportation, waste disposal and your time. Also, if not installed properly, you may incur costly repairs and adjustments. This is why it is strongly advised to employ the services of professionals like Bellagio Marble Ideas to ensure a proper finish.

Is Granite Worktop Installation Difficult?

As explained in this article, the installation process of granite worktops requires specialist tools, skills and expertise to ensure a solid and precise fitting and finish. It isn’t a task that just anyone should attempt as it could result in requiring expensive repairs. Also, it is wise to remember that although granite makes for a durable worktop material, it is very heavy and if dropped liable to crack.

What Other Worktop Materials are There?

Along with granite, popular domestic kitchen worktop materials, include quartz, sintered stone and wood. Browse the whole range of available materials at Bellagio Marble Ideas.

What Areas do Bellagio Marble Ideas Cover?

At Bellagio Marble Ideas, we have a stunning showroom in Warwick and offer our professional services to customers throughout the Midlands. If you are unsure whether your property falls into our catchment area, please call us and we will endeavour to assist you in your granite worktop installation.

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