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If you want a kitchen built to last, withstanding everything thrown at it from a bustling modern family then stainless steel is the way to go. There is a reason why it is the kitchen worktop material of choice throughout the catering industry – but you are not in the catering industry, and we imagine you may find the idea of stainless steel throughout your kitchen a little too clinical so a balance must be met.

When deciding on your worktop choice there are a few factors you need to consider making sure you select the most suitable material. These factors include your domestic circumstances and habits like family size, eating habits, differing tastes, and worktop benefits such as durability, heat resistance, maintenance and finally aesthetics. The most popular choices for household kitchen worktops are sintered stone, quartz, granite and marble, so we have used these in our comparisons below to help you make the perfect choice.

Which Kitchen Worktop Material is the Most Durable?

When you have a large family, meals can be a great time to bring everyone together but with this, it can also become hectic. A busy kitchen is a happy kitchen, but this also means the worktops and appliances are prone to bumps and bangs as people swing past each other collecting food and drink for the table. Also, with a large family comes more food to cook, making the kitchen a hub of activity throughout the day, putting it at risk of more impact. So, the kitchen for a larger family is going to want to incorporate durable worktops throughout. Durable does not mean they will look tacky or rugged, it just means they are designed to handle everyday impact and this property can be found in a variety of natural and man-made materials that all look fantastic.

Here is a list of our top materials used for kitchen worktops in order of durability.

Sintered Stone: An innovative material produced by exposing natural minerals to extremely high pressure and temperature results in the most durable kitchen worktop material.

Quartz: Engineered quartz is a man-made material of natural quartz crystals and resin. It is extremely hard-wearing.

Granite: A natural stone that can resist scratches and denting if sealed and maintained properly.

Marble: Known more for its beauty, marble can still have great longevity if looked after properly. Will require regular re-sealing and careful maintenance.

Which Kitchen Worktop Material is Heat-Resistant?

Another factor you should consider is how heat-resistant the kitchen worktop material is as this may be a criterion of your decision. With a sizeable family, chances are you will be making copious amounts of food using multiple pots, pans and trays and will need somewhere to sit them before serving. Nothing is worse than a kitchen worktop that can’t withstand the heated underside of utensils and incurs burns, scuffs, scratches and dents from the moment it is installed. It makes it all seem pointless. So, if heat resistance is an important factor to consider when making your selection then it is important to know the best materials.

Here is a list of our top materials in order of heat resistance.

Sintered Stone: Produced at temperatures of approximately 2900°c, sintered stone is incredibly heat resistant. So much so, it has also been applied in fire pits.

Granite: Can withstand temperatures of up to 500°c without taking any damage.

Quartz: Temperatures over 150°c can cause the resin within the slabs to change chemical state often impacting the colour and finish of the quartz.

Marble: Sitting high-temperature pans directly on marble may result in discolouration and a yellow hue residue. Marble can also suffer from thermal shock which can result in permanent surface cracking.

We recommend people always use trivets to sit their hot pans and never place them directly on any kitchen worktop surfaces.

Which Kitchen Worktop Material Needs the Least Maintenance?

Nobody really likes cleaning, but we do like things to look clean and above all be hygienic and bacteria-free. Particularly if we have children or more vulnerable members of the family. When selecting a kitchen worktop material, it is advised to consider material maintenance. Some natural materials will be quite porous and may require regular resealing to prevent liquids and spillages from penetrating them and leaving bacteria to grow inside the worktop. Man-made materials such as quartz and sintered stone tend to be near non-porous, meaning they are easy to wipe clean before any penetration or staining can occur.

Here is a list of our top materials in order of least maintenance.

Sintered Stone: Stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and easy to clean, sintered stone is known as the maintenance-free choice.

Quartz: A non-porous material which means spillages do not penetrate the worktop and stain it. It is an easy clean option.

Granite: A tough material that can be wiped clean with a small amount of detergent. The natural stone is porous meaning the worktop slabs will need to be sealed to prevent spillages and bacteria penetrating the stone and staining it.

Marble: Though beautiful, marble takes a lot of work to keep it that way. It is highly recommended to re-seal every six months and keep acidic liquids, such as lemon juice far away as it may stain it permanently.

Which Material Gives the Look and Style to Fit Your Kitchen?

A kitchen is not just a place of pragmatism although we have been discussing the practical benefits of various materials. A modern kitchen not only needs to be functional, but it needs to feel right to the owner. It needs to fulfil their family needs and suit their style and character. The ease of installation needs to also be incorporated into the planning process as not all materials are easy to cut to specific sizes and some installations require more specialist equipment. There are a variety of materials you can choose from for your family kitchen worktop but the most popular choices, as discussed are quartz, marble, granite and sintered stone, and with such a wide choice of patterns and colours, you are sure to find the perfect worktop to compliment your kitchen and suit your family.

Let’s Put it All Together

At Bellagio, we believe in listening to you so we can piece together the perfect kitchen worktop and install it at your convenience. Our skilled craftsmen use cutting-edge technology to cut and finish your exquisite worktops whilst recycling the process water keeping us green. Visit our stunning showroom for inspiration or speak to one of our experts to discover the perfect material for your perfect kitchen.

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