Marble or Quartz – Which Worktop is Right for You?

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Since the time of the Romans, marble has been considered the height of luxury when it came to stone materials, however, the Romans didn’t have quartz to compare with. We do, so is marble better than quartz or is quartz better than marble?

It all depends on your kitchen usage, and we will discover in this article how to determine which material is best suited for your kitchen worktops.

What’s the difference between marble and quartz?

When it comes to modern kitchen design and bespoke luxury many people opt for either marble or quartz for their kitchen worktops. Both materials offer an incredibly striking aesthetic, with marble coming from its natural veining and quartz expertly engineered to mimic the beauty. They are both considered durable and premium materials that can add value to your property. So, what is the difference between marble and quartz?

Where they particularly differ is in origins as marble is a natural stone and quartz is engineered from a blend of natural crystals, pigments and resin giving quartz a more uniform appearance to your kitchen. Quartz is also non-porous making it highly resistant to staining and doesn’t require regular sealing. The other main consideration of quartz kitchen worktops over marble alternatives is the price. Quartz is a less expensive stone and easier to install, meaning labour costs are kept to a minimum.

Is it marble you really want?

Marble has been considered a highly desired material for centuries and was once upon a time something reserved only for the very wealthy. It was not just the initial cost of the material that kept it out of the reach of many but also the maintenance and care it required to keep it looking its best. This factor would not have worried the 1% of society in the past as they would simply replace it once it started to lose its allure. If you are set on having marble worktops installed in your kitchen, then be aware of the regular resealing required to protect it and if you are asking can quartz look like marble, the answer is yes. Quartz offers the same great finish without the maintenance headache and there are other options like sintered stone worktops, too.

The luxury looks without the maintenance: marble or quartz?

As beautiful and stylish as your kitchen may be, it still needs to function properly, and this could mean catering to a large family. A large and busy family can make the kitchen a hectic space, leaving it at risk of more knocks and spillages, resulting in your gorgeous marble worktops looking worse for wear. Marble is a porous material, meaning any spillages quickly penetrate the stone and can leave stains for life. Fruit juices, coffee, tea, olive oil, vinegar and even many household cleaners can contain chemicals that either stain or etch the marble surface. It is also considered a softer material for kitchen worktops and is susceptible to scratching, chipping and cracking. Marble worktops would be very suitable for working couples, but quartz is highly recommended as an alternative for families as it doesn’t require regular resealing to protect it from everyday kitchen liquids and is more resilient to knocks and bumps.

Marble or quartz - which worktop is right for you?

Firstly, you need to consider how your kitchen is used. Whether you are a bustling family or a smaller unit. How often you use your worktops for cooking purposes and the range of ingredients you use. Do you regularly use liquids that can easily stain marble? And do you have the time to regularly reseal your kitchen worktops?

Materials like quartz and sintered stone offer almost identical beauty without maintenance concerns. In fact, most of your friends wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when they congregated in your kitchen for a glass of wine. Until the wine is spilled and you simply wipe it off your quartz worktops without the risk of permanent staining.

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