Marble Worktops: Everything You Need to Know

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The kitchen is the heart of your home and finding the perfect worktop for this space can be a challenge. Wooden ones look lovely and rustic but need a lot of maintenance, and other surfaces like slate are very porous or brittle. There are many types of kitchen countertops available on the market today, but one material that has been increasing in popularity is marble.

Just scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see image after image of beautiful, sleek kitchens that feature it in every shade and colour, and in every type of kitchen from traditional farmhouse to uber-modern. And marble worktops aren’t just for the kitchen, many bathrooms have been given a touch of luxury with a marble surface. Marble worktops can add an elegance that can’t be matched by other materials, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. Bellagio Marble Ideas has a wide range of marble stone worktops that will instantly shout finesse and class to anyone visiting your house. A great place to start is by learning some basic facts about marble worktops regarding costs, durability and upkeep before committing and incorporating one in your kitchen or bathroom as part of your renovation, or new installation. This blog will look at all the essential information you need to know.

What is marble?

Marble is a metamorphic stone that is produced when minerals and sedimentary rock crystalise under intense pressure or heat to create a hard rock. It is strong and resilient, making it an ideal material for kitchen worktops. However, marble is less durable than other stones of this sort, making it more porous and stain sensitive than slate. Additionally, it contains calcium carbonate, which reacts fast to acids, and is easily scratched. Marble has a distinctive look, with each piece having its unique veining to create character, and each variety has different features that create its appeal.

White Carrara marble is the most popular choice for a clean, bright yet glamorous look, at an affordable price. Marble worktops are available in many colours and styles to suit any room design, from beige, yellow, blue, green, brown and grey to black. Different colours create moods depending on the colour schemes used, but white marble kitchen worktops give any kitchen a clean, hygienic, and sleek feel. Calacatta marbles are white with golden veins giving a luxurious look, and tend to be more expensive as the marble is rarer. Whereas, white Carrara marble, which is the material that Michelangelo used to sculpt his statue of David, is cheaper to source and still gives the same sense of style. For the ultimate chic style, you can use the same marble for splashbacks or wall cladding.

Is marble suitable for kitchen worktops?

Marble is a favourable option for kitchen worktops, but requires a little more care with its upkeep. The smooth surface creates a beautiful look in any home and its pale colours help to make your kitchen appear brighter, larger and more inviting – perfect for social occasions. With its luxurious look, it’s an ideal material to create a kitchen to impress. Although the worktop has a level of heat resistance, it can become scorch-damaged with hot pans, or scratched with knives, and needs to be protected with pot stands and chopping boards. However, the cool touch of marble is popular for those with a passion for making pastry. Although marble is porous, and can stain, spills can be prevented from creating lasting damage by being wiped up quickly. Potentially not the best surface for a busy, family kitchen, this is a perfect option for those who love to entertain as the marble worktop will definitely wow your visitors. A marble worktop should always be sealed by a professional on installation and treated again from time to time to maintain its protection, which will keep it stain-resistant.

Because of their high aesthetic value marble stone worktops add extreme luxury in combination with durability, making them one of the most desired surfaces among discerning homeowners looking into renovating their kitchens. By choosing a marble kitchen worktop, you get style and substance at once without sacrificing one or the other.

Are kitchen marble worktops practical?

While marble is beautiful to look at, some practical considerations need to be taken into account before purchasing a marble kitchen worktop. As mentioned previously, marble is a porous material, meaning it can easily absorb water and other liquids, so it needs to be sealed regularly to maintain its appearance and integrity, as over time even water can leave marks. It needs to be cleaned quickly if any spills occur, particularly liquids such as wine or oil which can sink deep into the stone. Acidic liquids, such as vinegar or lemon juice will start to create a dull and pitted surface if not cleaned instantly, although this can create part of its unique character. However, if you do have an accident – and they do happen – there are some simple home remedies you can apply to remove the stain when acting quickly.

Marble stone worktops can have various finishes added to them depending on the aesthetic that you’re looking for. The main finishes are either polished or honed.

  • A polished surface is one of the most popular as its sleek, glossy and bright look works wonders in creating a luxurious feel and light reflection. The polish also adds an extra layer of protection to the surface, making it less porous and more stain resistant. However, they are more prone to scratching and etching when someone leans against it with a belt, for example, or tries to chop vegetables without a chopping board. The surface is worn down in time and needs regular cleaning to maintain.
  • The honed surface is created by polishing the stone to a reduced level of shine compared to a polished finish, to give a smooth, matte effect. This type of finish won’t show marks or scratches as much, but this polishing process makes the pores of the stone more open, and therefore, more porous. The best safeguard against staining for a honed finish is to have it sealed professionally.

Why should I choose a marble kitchen worktop?

Aside from the issues of cleaning and maintaining a marble stone worktop, which no kitchen countertop is without, there are several very good reasons for choosing marble as the material of choice. The initial outlay may be expensive, but quality is worth investing in. An investment in a marble countertop for your kitchen or bathroom is going to add value to your house. Should you need to move house, a prospective buyer is going to be impressed if they see a marble worktop, as it blends well with all types of décor and is seen as a sign of luxury. Houses with marble in them are known to be valued higher than those without. Ultimately, a marble worktop is beautiful. Every piece of marble is unique, so no two countertops will look the same, and even the way that they wear is going to just add more character to your property.

Bellagio Marble Ideas is in the business of helping you to design and create the perfect, luxurious kitchen of your dreams. With marble kitchen worktops available in a range of colours and prices we are confident that you’ll soon join our ranks of satisfied clients.

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