Outdoor Worktops – Which Stone is Best?

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The perfect choice for a contemporary garden kitchen, BBQ and al fresco dining area, stone worktops are a brilliant addition to make the most of your outdoor space. Ideal for food preparation, outdoor stone worktops are durable and stylish, providing you with the outdoor food and dining area of your dreams. Impress and entertain your family and friends when the weather gets warmer and enjoy the garden year after year as stone worktops are extremely durable and weather resistant – if you select the right ones.

This blog will look at the stone worktops that are ideal for outdoor applications and why some are better than others.

Why Choose Stone Worktops for Outdoor Kitchens?

There are many compelling reasons why choosing stone materials for your outdoor kitchen area is a popular option for those wishing to create a durable, stylish and functional outdoor living space. Stone worktops such as quartz, granite, porcelain and ceramic are inherently durable, able to endure many weather conditions and resistant to scratches and stains.

Outdoor stone worktops offer a timeless, natural beauty – blending seamlessly into the outdoor setting - while being easy to maintain and customise as well as adding value to your property for potential buyers. However, some stone materials are better suited to outdoor kitchen worktops than others – let’s look at some options.

Types of Stone Worktops for Outdoor Uses

You’d think all types of stone would be fine for outdoor use, but this isn’t strictly true. It’s vital to consider the durability, resistance to weather conditions, maintenance and aesthetics as well as cost when choosing stone worktops for your outdoor space.


Granite is one of the best materials for outdoor kitchen worktops. Not only does it provide an elegant and lavish style, but granite is also easy to clean and maintain, durable and heat resistant. Granite slabs with minimal veining are ideal as epoxies and fillers used on heavily veined granite can react negatively to the sun.

Another great benefit is granite is a natural stone, meaning it perfectly aligns and complements the natural beauty of the outdoor scenery. It is advisable to avoid extremely dark colours of granite as they’ll retain heat causing a risk of burned hands.

Sintered Stone:

As a man-made substance, sintered stone is an excellent option for outdoor applications as it is UV resistant, won’t fade or discolour in sunlight and is extremely durable against heat, scratches and abrasions. It is also non-porous and, therefore, extremely hygienic as it’s resistant to bacteria and mould and can be purchased in a vast array of colours and patterns that mimic natural stone worktops.


Porcelain outdoor worktops are an ideal option as they are highly resistant to wear and tear, won’t fade or discolour in UV light and can withstand extreme weather conditions without issue. They are easy to clean and as they are man-made can be produced in a wide range of designs, patterns and colours – including mimicking the look of natural materials such as stone and wood.

They can also be textured to prevent slipperiness when wet, making them ideal for the British summertime where the sunny weather is always at risk of a sudden downpour.

So, What is the Best Worktop for an Outdoor Kitchen?

When it comes to choosing the best worktop for an outdoor kitchen, consider your specific needs and preferences. Here at Bellagio Marble Ideas, we recommend going for materials like granite, porcelain or sintered stone for an outdoor kitchen. Granite and sintered stone are strong, durable materials that won't discolour in the sun’s UV rays, don’t stain or crack easily and can withstand the elements better than quartz worktop materials.

However, porcelain worktops are even more resistant and durable than granite and sintered stone. Being manmade, they have the toughest durability, scratch resistance and won’t warp or discolour in extreme weather conditions and can be created with non-slip surfaces that are perfect for potentially wet outdoor areas. There is also a much greater variety of colours and finishes available with porcelain worktops.

As beautiful as it is, quartz is not recommended for outdoor use as it is sensitive to UV rays, affected by thermal expansion and at risk of spoiling from rain, snow and even pollution. Still, it is always a gorgeous choice for an internal kitchen.

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Get Your Outdoor Worktops Professionally Installed by Bellagio

If you’ve planned a kitchen garden and outdoor space to entertain your family and friends when summer rolls around, and you want a stone worktop for durability as well as its aesthetic appeal, then you need the right type of worktop material for your situation and use. Perhaps you’re still unsure whether you want quartz, granite, porcelain or sintered stone and aren’t certain your choice will work for your project.

More information about the benefits of quartz or granite is in our blog, along with other useful articles. You can also see what other customers had to say about our products, what they have chosen and the successes they achieved with our range of outdoor stone worktops.

If you’re still wondering which type of stone worktop to choose and what the price of an outdoor worktop is, you can visit our stunning showroom, where our range of available materials can be seen. You can also discover our financing options to help you afford the perfect outdoor stone worktop you’re dreaming of, and you’ll be able to chat with a member of our team and benefit from their expert advice, as well as see samples and get a free no-obligation quote.

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