Pairing New Kitchen Worktops and Flooring

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What good is a kitchen if its flooring and worktop combinations aren’t in sync? Sure, you can still cook up some meals, but you’ll be missing that hospitable and stylish touch that improves all types of homes.

Choosing the right combination to suit your unique taste can be a challenge, especially with the wide range of choices out there, and when installing new kitchen worktops you want to get the combination spot on.

Fortunately, we are here to help you choose the best kitchen worktop and floor combinations and give you the inside knowledge on what works best.

What Traditional Flooring Styles Suit What Worktop Colours, Materials and Sizes?

Kitchen flooring comes in all types of materials from granite and porcelain to wood and stone, with each having their own style and being able to complement different colours and materials for kitchen worktops.

Traditional flooring styles and worktop pairings include:

Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood is a classic choice that offers warmth and character to a kitchen. Wood or granite worktops pair great with hardwood floors, with their natural aesthetic being enhanced. Light oak goes brilliantly with darker granite worktops, while rich walnut floors complement lighter wood and cream-coloured quartz worktops.

Tile Floors:

If you’re getting new kitchen worktops to match your tiled, porcelain or ceramic flooring, the choice to go bold is a great start. Some often think that matching floor and worktop combinations is always the way to go, but if your flooring has complex or intricate patterns, combining this with solid worktop colours, such as Lunar or Helena sintered stone or polished black granite, provides a balanced look.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring mimics the look of hardwood or tiles. With its typical dark colouring, pairing this flooring with laminate or resin worktops offers a cohesive look. Choose contrasting colours, such as dark grey flooring with a light beige worktop, to create a striking visual effect.

Most Popular Combinations of Worktops and Flooring

As award-winning stone surface specialists, the team at Bellagio Marble Ideas know a thing or two about what flooring and worktop combinations work best. Some of the most popular combinations we often see are:

Veined sintered stone with solid flooring:

Although a type of engineered material, sintered stone mimics the look of granite and marble and showcases unique veining which pairs exceptionally with a floor that is solid or minimalistic. Thanks to an array of colour choices, the world is your oyster when it comes to this design choice.

Polished concrete floors with granite worktops:

For those who love a speckled aesthetic, this combination offers durability and a plethora of colours to play with. Granite shines thanks to its natural beauty, adding luxury and a dynamic touch to a kitchen, with colours that can match concrete flooring or provide a picturesque contrast.

Matching floor and worktop combinations:

Fancy a uniform look? Many people are going for matching combinations including the same colours and materials. Pair wood flooring with wooden kitchen worktops or solid quartz splashbacks and counters with durable, quartz floor tiles.

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Upcoming Trends to Keep an Eye On

2024 is the year to get yourself brand new luxurious kitchen worktops for your home, and this year’s trends are all about bold colour choices and interesting new designs.

Bold colour choices:

Kitchens across the UK are becoming vibrant and bold. Pairing a bright blue or green worktop with neutral flooring can create a kitchen that truly stands out.

Mixed materials:

A mix up of materials for kitchen décor is claiming a spot in 2024’s trends. A mix of granite and wood for countertops adds an interesting dynamic when paired with simple, elegant floor design.

Ultra-thin worktops:

Slim, sleek worktops are becoming popular for their modern look and ease of installation. They work extremely well with minimalist style flooring, such as large format tiles or polished concrete.

Tips for Matching Worktops and Flooring

  • Consider how natural light enters your kitchen space. Lighter floors and worktops can brighten a kitchen that doesn’t receive much sunlight.
  • While you may go for one of this year’s trends, a traditional, timeless appeal will never go out of fashion.
  • Textured and veined kitchen worktops like granite go great with simpler flooring designs to avoid visual overload.
  • Light colours do wonders for smaller kitchens helping them to appear larger. Spacious kitchens can go for darker and bolder colours for worktops and flooring.

Bellagio Can Renovate Your Worktops to Suit Your Floor

If you’re looking to reinvent your kitchen with luxury worktops, then Bellagio is here to help.

We have a wide selection of kitchen worktops to meet all tastes and kitchen flooring. We have an expert team of craftsmen to fit all types of materials, with a kitchen worktop and floor combination just for you. With a showroom in Warwick, come take a look at our amazing designs to discuss your kitchen project.

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