How Much Do Quartz Worktops Cost?

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Quartz is a natural mineral renowned for its durability, beauty and individuality which is also considered to hold spiritual, mystical and healing properties in numerous cultures. So, it is no surprise quartz has become one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktop materials, as we all deserve something a little special.

But surely such a unique and stunning kitchen worktop must come with a premium price tag? Well, you would be surprised at the relatively low quartz worktop prices and, when you consider how long they will last, they are an incredibly cost-effective choice.

Understanding Quartz Worktops

Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, formed by cooling magma deep within the Earth’s crust, and mined around the world in countries including Brazil, India and the United States. After extraction, the quartz is crushed into small particles and mixed with resins, polymers and pigments to mould into slabs. It is compressed under a vacuum and vibrated to remove any air pockets, before being heated in a curing kiln, which binds the particles strongly together.

This process makes the natural stone even more durable, and, thanks to its stunning appearance and non-porous finish, it is an ideal kitchen worktop material. So, what is the cost of quartz countertops in the UK?

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Factors Affecting Quartz Worktop Costs

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to quartz worktop prices as there are various factors that need to be considered and kitchens vary in size, layout and location. Factors that affect the price include the following:

Material Quality

The quality of the quartz worktop slabs you choose will vary depending on the purity of the quartz and the resin quality. Higher-quality quartz slabs tend to contain over 90% natural quartz and the resin quality can affect the durability, UV resistance and overall longevity of the slab.


Of course, the thickness of the slab will affect the overall costs since you are purchasing more quartz worktop product when you choose thicker slabs.

Colour and Design Options

The pigmentation and colour consistency can also affect the cost as higher quality worktops will have a greater degree of consistent patterns and colour throughout the slab. A more economic slab may show visible inconsistencies or uneven colouring.

Brand and Manufacturer

An established brand with a reputable name will always come with a higher price tag than lesser-known brands but will typically come with a warranty and customer reviews of high-end products that last. A more reputable brand will also tend to have more stringent quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing processes.

Installation Costs

Installation costs may vary with different companies, but through a little research, it should be easy to uncover an expected price range for a professional finish.

Location and Supplier

Whilst quartz is found globally, the source of the quartz and the location of the manufacturing can influence quality, especially when considering standards and practices. It is also important to note that additional shipping costs may find their way onto the quartz worktop slab price.

Average Quartz Worktops Price Ranges

An average price for a sqm of quartz kitchen worktop slab can vary anywhere between £150 and £600 based on the factors we have mentioned. According to online sources, the average UK kitchen size is approximately 5 sqm, which means the price for the slabs alone would cost between £750 and £3000. However, since quartz is such a durable material that doesn’t fall out of fashion, with correct care, your kitchen worktops could last over 50 years, making it a very cost-effective choice.

At Bellagio, we believe in giving our customers the highest quality kitchen at the fairest price, which is why we offer our superb price match service across our range of quartz worktops. View our selection of stunning quartz worktops here and get in touch with our helpful team to discuss our price matching and your options.

Comparing Quartz With Other Worktop Materials

Quartz is one of a few select kitchen worktop materials considered to be premium, along with marble, granite and sintered stone. They all create stunning kitchen finishes but offer various properties that make each one more suitable for specific usage. However, quartz is considered a low-maintenance worktop material as it is non-porous and so resists staining. When it comes to cost, there is no overall rule due to the many factors, but typically marble is the most expensive, with sintered stone not far behind. Granite and Quartz are comparatively priced a little lower, but the actual cost will depend on the slab you select.

How Much do Quartz Worktops Cost Near Me?

The way to discover the best price for your dream worktops is to get in touch with our expert team at Bellagio, who can help you with ideas on colour and style that fit your budget. We offer superb quartz worktop prices near you across the West Midlands, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham and more.

Get Your Dream Kitchen Today

Much like a dog not being just for Christmas, a kitchen is not just for a couple of years. Your dream kitchen can become your reality and last for many years offering the same splendour as the day it was installed. It is important to consider this factor when you are calculating your budget because the longer you keep it the more cost-effective it becomes, and when looked after properly, it could last a lifetime. It is also good to remember that properly installed kitchen worktops add value to your property. At Bellagio, we understand it may seem quite a sizeable purchase, which is why we also offer superb financing options to help spread the cost.

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