Quartz worktops – 7 things you need to know

Grey quartz worktop

What are quartz worktops? Well, they’re manmade worktops comprised of refined quartz mineral which is pressed and heated with resins to form a visually stunning, durable worksurface perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Before you buy though, we’ve got some extra information that might help you in your decision. In this blog post, we’re taking a look at seven things you should know about quartz worktops, as well as whether they’re right for your home.

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What makes quartz a popular choice?

1 – Unique composition

You might be wondering, how are quartz worktops made? They’re not actually made using pure quartz, but rather smaller pieces of quartz that are combined with resins to create beautifully patterned, practical and unique worktop surfaces. This unique composition gives a range of benefits, including a choice of patterns and colours, outstanding durability and low maintenance, that we’ll discuss below.

2 – Incredible durability

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world, and when combined with hard-setting resins, it produces a worktop surface that will stand up to all sorts of knocks. While they won’t endure everything, and require protection from excessive UV exposure and heat, your worktops are far less likely to crack or chip than natural stone alternatives.

3 – Easy to maintain

These worktops are made with a highly uniform, long-lasting surface that is exceptionally easy to clean. In most cases, all you’ll need is a soft cloth and a little warm water, tough spills may require a little dish soap. Unlike natural stone surfaces such as granite, quartz worktops also don’t require resealing, and are much lower maintenance.

4 – Range of colours and patterns

Because quartz worktops are manmade, there’s a huge range of colour and pattern options available. At Bellagio Marble Ideas, we stock 20 different colour and pattern options, allowing you to blend aesthetic appeal and everyday practicality to design the perfect kitchen for your home.

5 – Easy to install

Installing worktops made from quartz will require a team of professionals, like ours, but compared with alternative materials, quartz makes for a relatively easy installation process. Your worktops can be cut to very precise sizes, and our expert team will make fitting a breeze while delivering an exceptional finish.

6 – Lifetime investment

Thanks to their incredible durability, your worktops represent a long-term investment in the value of your property. Their practical benefits and stunning appearance will wow potential future buyers and give you an interior design touch that lasts.

7 – A Sustainable option

As we mentioned above when we answered ‘How are quartz worktops made?’, they’re comprised of pieces of quartz mixed with resins. This composition means that they require fewer natural resources to create when compared with natural stones that must be hewn from the ground in large blocks. This, combined with their long lifespan, makes them a great choice for those prioritising sustainability in their home design.

What are quartz worktops like to live with?

With all the positive features, it’s easy to overlook the little huddle of cons that come with quartz worktops. Firstly, quartz worktops are heat-resistant, but not heat-proof, meaning that you can damage them permanently by placing hot pans on your surfaces. Care and protective items like trivets and racks are needed to protect your worktops.

Secondly, over time your worktops may fade with continued UV exposure and may not be the ideal choice for outdoor use as a result. While these are relatively minor caveats, they are worth considering before you commit your hard-earned cash.

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At Bellagio Marble Ideas, we stock a huge selection of quartz worktops, available in more than 20 different patterns and colours and all available to be custom cut to fit your home and design preferences. You can check out our range online here, or, for a first-hand look, come down to our showroom in Warwick for a free consultation.  

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