Quartz Worktops: 7 Things You Need to Know

Grey quartz worktop

Stone worktops have been gaining in popularity in recent years and particularly quartz worktops, as they are a durable and low-maintenance option for both kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces. Quartz worktops are made from engineered quartz, a material that is composed of natural quartz stone and resins, known for their durability, scratch and stain resistance and non-porous surfaces. Many different stone worktop materials, such as marble, granite and sintered stone, as well as quartz, have been gaining in popularity. The kitchen comparison website kitchen-compare.com reports that quartz has become the second most popular choice of material, with over 30% of homeowners choosing quartz over other materials such as granite or laminate. Quartz worktops are a popular choice because of their durability, low maintenance and affordability. This blog will look at all you need to know about this versatile material as a choice for your worktop requirements.

1. Composition

Quartz worktops are made by combining natural quartz crystals with resin, polymers and pigments, which gives much greater scope for colours and shades than naturally occurring materials such as marble or granite. The resulting material is an extremely hard, non-porous surface that is resistant to scratches, stains and heat. Its non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and maintain, meaning a very hygienic surface for both kitchens and bathrooms, and its robust features also make it perfect for busy households.

2. Durability

Quartz worktops are highly resistant to scratches, stains and heat, and they can withstand daily wear and tear – making them an excellent option for busy kitchens and bathrooms. Being a man-made product, quartz worktops are less likely to chip or crack than other stone worktops, but they can – over time – become discoloured if exposed regularly to strong UV light and, therefore, are not so ideal for outdoor eating situations. Quartz worksurfaces are heat resistant, but they are not heat-proof. They are not indestructible and can be damaged by excessive force or pressure, which can cause cracks or chips, especially near exposed edges. Putting pots and pans directly from the oven onto the surface can cause thermal shock, creating scorch marks and discolouration. So you should always use trivets or pot stands for hot plates, pans and dishes to protect the surface of your quartz worktop.

3. Maintenance

Quartz is a non-porous material making it one of the most hygienic and stain-resistant options available for worktops. They are incredibly low-maintenance and perfect for a busy kitchen environment. Maintenance of quartz worktops requires merely cleaning regularly with a recommended cleaning agent, or mild detergent and water, on a soft microfibre cloth. After cleaning and rinsing, drying off the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel will ensure that watermarks aren’t left on the surface. Using abrasive cleaning chemicals or scouring cloths and sponges can damage the surface finish and make the worktop more susceptible to stains and scratches. It is recommended that spills are cleaned up quickly to prevent liquids from marking the surface and using trivets or pot stands for hot pots and pans will ensure that your quartz worktops remain looking stunning and sleek for many years to come.

4. Aesthetics

Quartz worktops come in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes. They can mimic the look of other materials such as marble, granite or other natural stones like slate, or they can have a more uniform appearance. The surface is typically smooth and glossy, creating a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic guaranteed to give any kitchen or bathroom an elevated appearance and appeal.  They can also be customised to fit any kitchen or bathroom style and the aesthetic they produce can add to your property value, making your house more saleable when trying to sell your home.

5. Installation

This is a product that requires professional installation. Fitting quartz worktops into a kitchen or bathroom requires careful measuring and precision cutting as well as an understanding of product weight and seaming methods. Creating the minimal joints for the sleek aesthetic you’re looking for demands extensive training and specialised tools. The size and complexity of the project will determine the length of the installation process. Using a professional team to install your quartz worktops will ensure they are fitted to the highest quality and guaranteed for your peace of mind. Bellagio has the expertise required to give the professional fit you’re looking for.

6. Cost

Quartz worktops for kitchens or bathrooms can be more expensive than other surface materials, such as wood or laminate. However, their durability and low maintenance properties make them a cost-effective investment in the long run as they have much greater longevity. Quartz worktops can vary hugely in cost depending on the brand, thickness and other factors, but their properties mean that they can last from 10 to 25 years or more if they are properly cared for, cleaned and maintained. Indeed many manufacturers offer warranties for decades, as they are so durable. The cost of quartz worktops pays for itself as they don’t need to be replaced as often as cheaper materials.

7. Sustainability

Whilst quartz worktops are man-made and therefore not considered a completely natural material, many manufacturers use sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes, such as recycling water and minimising waste. They are a sustainable option for many kitchens and bathrooms as their durability and longevity will mean that they don’t need to be replaced as many times as a laminate worktop, creating less waste in the long run.

So, if you’re planning a new bathroom or kitchen worktop installation, you really should look at quartz as the most perfect choice. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, quartz rates at a level of seven – not far behind diamond, making it difficult to beat with other natural stone worktops in terms of its durability. For a contemporary, yet natural sleek look that requires remarkably little maintenance, look no further than quartz and join the growing ranks of satisfied homeowners who opted for quartz worktops. Bellagio is proud to offer an extensive range of quartz worktops in various colours and styles, as well as price ranges.

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