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The right worktops serve as a focal point for your entire kitchen, tying everything together under one, cohesive theme. Choosing countertops that match both your personal taste and general aesthetic is therefore essential.


Bespoke stone worktops in any shade

Bellagio Marble Ideas has a wide selection of surface colours to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a warm shade or prefer cooler hues, our range of whites, greys, beiges, blacks and browns can be matched perfectly to your kitchen units, flooring and lighting.

Indeed, lighting is an important factor to consider when selecting your worktops. Generally speaking, lighter worktops work best in smaller or darker kitchens with fewer windows or lower levels of natural light, since they reflect any light that does enter the room, making it look bigger and brighter. Larger kitchens with more windows may benefit from darker worktops, particularly if you’re looking to add dramatic flair.

If you prefer darker colours but are lacking natural light, you could always play with a combination of darker worktops and lighter flooring and cupboards, for example. Glossy finishes on darker surfaces also help to reflect light even when you opt for a deeper shade of stone.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred shade, you’ll need to decide between monotone or multi-tonal options. Natural stone – particularly granite – tends to contain several different hues, owing to its unique patterning. Multi-tonal stone, works incredibly well with plain cabinets as a way of adding textural, visual interest. Of course, these are just recommendations; the end choice is entirely up to you.

Our experts are always happy to give style advice and stone samples to help you make your decision and you’ll find further design ideas in our blogs. We also recommend taking advantage of our kitchen planner service, which allows you to visualise your design ideas digitally before you make your choice.


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Make your design dreams a reality

Bellagio Marble Ideas are proud to introduce three unparalleled stone worktop collections curated to enhance your home. Our stone surfaces give you that wow feeling each and every time you enter the room, whilst standing up to the rigorous demands of daily life.

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Cutting-edge stone solutions

Bellagio Marble Ideas is passionate about offering its customers the very best. That means keeping on top of industry developments and sourcing the very best materials out there. All our kitchen worktop materials are hard wearing and designed to look great in your home.

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Fifteen manufacturers, twenty-three brands, hundreds of colour choices.

We have relationships with all major stone surface manufacturers and access to their entire range of brands and colours. If you want it, we can source it.

Did we mention, we’ve been given the highest accolade by Cosentino? Being a ‘Platinum Partner’ means we’re first choice for them. Make us your first choice.