The Ultimate Guide to Dekton Worktops


If you are on the hunt for the perfect worktop material, you may have come across Dekton. Fairly new to the market and certainly making waves, Dekton is one of the most innovative sintered stone surfaces available today.

Dekton worktops were created by Cosentino, a private Spanish company. Cosentino are the brains behind Silestone quartz worktops, our quartz worktops of choice here at Bellagio Stone. In this guide to Dekton worktops, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this ingenious material and help you decide whether it’s right for you and your home.

What is Dekton Made Of?

Dekton is made from a blend of porcelain, quartz stone and glass. It’s man-made, meaning that it has been manufactured to be one of the most durable and low-maintenance countertop materials on the market.

dekton kitchen island

(Source: Cosentino

It takes all the plus points of natural stone but takes it to another level with its high level of toughness and durability. These high-quality materials come together to form 60+ colours and textures to choose from, so there really is something for every kitchen. Plus, it’s not only kitchens that you’ll find Dekton. It’s also specified for bathroom worktops, flooring, walls and exterior applications such as outdoor kitchens.

How is Dekton Made?

These materials are compressed under high pressure, printed onto the surface and baked at 1,200 degrees so they fuse. This process is called sintering. Essentially, sintering is a highly advanced and patented technology that replicates the process of metamorphic change.

To explain a little more about how Dekton is made, we’re going to get a little scientific for a second and talk about metamorphism. Metamorphism is a process that changes pre-existing rocks into new forms through increases in temperature, pressure and chemically active fluids. These temperature and pressure changes happen over millions of years and affect igneous, sedimentary or other metamorphic rocks. The outcome of how these rocks change depends on the original rock’s composition and the intensity of the metamorphism.

As we said, metamorphic change takes millions of years. Of course, no one has got that time to spare to wait for the perfect worktops! The process of sintering means that the sintered stone can be formed in minutes using extreme heat and pressure to fuse the minerals together without adding a bonding agent. Plus, because the rocks are created in a laboratory setting, the density of the material can be controlled to ensure that there are no weak points.

Benefits of Dekton

There is a reason why Dekton has shot to the dizzy heights of popularity since its introduction to the market. In fact, there are many reasons…

Practical & Durable

Dekton was engineered to be the most practical and durable stone surface material around. We all know that kitchen worktops see a lot of activity throughout the day and come into contact with a lot of unfavourable things; spillages, food splatters, hot plans, cleaning chemicals and knives to name but a few.

pan on worktop

Dekton worktops are scratch and abrasion-resistant due to their high density, allowing you to slide objects along the surface without worrying about any damage. You can even prepare food with a knife directly onto the surfaces if you really wanted to, but we recommend sticking to a chopping board. Although using a knife on your surface won’t leave a scratch, it may leave a metal transfer.


Again, we wouldn’t go rushing to put your hot pans down on a Dekton work surface as it’s always safer to use a trivet for the sake of burning our hands, however, Dekton is fire and heat-resistant. It won’t scorch or crack if on the off-chance it does come into contact with a hot pan.

The same goes for cold temperatures. Not a lot shocks a Dekton worktop. It can withstand pretty much any temperature change with no issues.


Encountering a stain on anything – be that your clothing, soft furnishings or your kitchen worktop – can be utterly heartbreaking. When you’ve invested in something as special as a natural stone worktop, the last thing you want to see is a coffee, red wine or rust stain that will be impossible to remove.

dekton kitchen worktops

Dekton is non-porous, meaning that it is stain-proof. No matter what you spill, there is no chance that it will penetrate the surface of your worktop – even if you’ve opted for the lightest of colours. This sets it apart from all its competitor materials. Quartz, for instance, is very stain resistant, but due to its natural qualities, you will almost always be dealing with micro defects that make it weaker than man-made Dekton.


You may not even have considered the need for UV-resistant worktops. But think about it – with any luck your worktops will be exposed to sunlight every single day. UV-rays can cause the appearance and colour of a worktop to fade. With Dekton however, that isn’t a problem. Dekton is totally UV-resistant.

So much so, that Dekton can be used for exterior applications such as building facades and is perfect for use in outdoor kitchens for worktop preparation and serving areas. Its UV-resistance and non-porous nature means that no matter how much sun it sees or how wet it gets, it stays looking as good as the day it was installed.

Decorative and Stylish

Yes, Dekton is incredibly practical and durable. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. It may not be as natural as marble, granite and quartz but it mirrors that traditional stone finish that looks incredibly luxe and high-end in any home.

Not only that, but for those who prefer something a little different, Dekton worktops come in modern industrial styles and even incredible wood grains. Patterns are placed on the surface via digital imagery. This allows for a quick response to any trends out there in the market. There truly is a style to suit any kitchen. You are sure to find something that fits with your home interior.

dekton kitchen island

(Source: Cosentino)

Dekton can be installed on pretty much any brand of the kitchen unit and is available in two different thickness sizes; 12mm and 20mm. It can be fabricated to fit any curves in your kitchen. You can even opt for a double-edge bevel profile to add extra detail and personalisation. There truly are no limitations when it comes to designing your kitchen around Dekton worktops.

How to Clean Dekton

Much like other natural stone surfaces, Dekton is super low maintenance. And we’re going to go ahead and say it – it’s possibly the most hardwearing of all stone options. To regularly clean a Dekton worksurface, soap, warm water and a non-abrasive sponge is the best choice along with common cleaning products.

For spillages, there isn’t much (if anything) that you can’t get off a Dekton worktop. Whether it’s limescale, grease, rust, tea or coffee, Dekton’s ability to withstand harsh chemicals means that you won’t be left without options when accidents inevitably happen. Check out Cosentino’s maintenance guide to find out more.

Is Dekton Expensive?

Of course, something this flawless comes with a price tag. For all those plus points, you will pay a little more for a Dekton worktop compared to its natural stone competitors. The price difference, however, is not a dramatic one. And remember – this is a worktop that is built to last for life. It’s truly an investment designed to pay off for years and years to come.

dekton kitchen island

(Source: Cosentino)

One cost that you shouldn’t bypass with Dekton is the installation. At Bellagio Stone, we believe that every natural stone worktop should be fitted professionally – but especially Dekton. Something that special deserves to be installed in the best way possible. Plus, if you decide to DIY the installation, you’ll miss out on the 25-year warranty that comes with your Dekton worktops. This warranty is only valid if you choose a professional to install the product.

Where Can I Get Dekton Worktops?

At Bellagio Stone, we are proud stockists of Dekton worktops. Our expert team can work with you to create and install your perfect bespoke Dekton worktop for your home; whether that’s for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor kitchen.

As total experts and specialists within the stone surface industry, Bellagio Stone are perfectly placed to help you. Want to speak to us about Dekton? We’re available via our website, via the phone on 01926 430626 or come and visit us at our showroom in Warwick to explore our range for yourself.

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