What Can I Use as a Splashback in My Kitchen?


Whilst predominantly a practical feature in any kitchen, you’ll find countless types of splashbacks on the market designed not only to help you avoid getting water and messy food splatters on your kitchen walls but to make a real design statement too. A splashback truly is a finishing touch in any kitchen, so it’s important to get it right.

What’s great about splashbacks is that they come in a huge range of different styles, colours and materials. So, what can you use as a splashback in your kitchen? In this article, we are going to run through our top 5 splashback options.


Tiled splashbacks are possibly the most common choice in a home. Perhaps this is because they offer the most in terms of variety. You can opt for patterned tiles, metro tiles, herringbone tiles – the list goes on. Plus, the beauty of tiles is that they can span across a large area, not just your splashback. This allows you to enjoy a cohesive and uniform look.

tiled kitchen splashback

They are also practical. Most are easy to clean and resistant to stains and splatters. It’s important to note, however, that the grout between your tiles can be difficult to clean and therefore can become discoloured over time. You can combat this by opting for a darker grout colour that is less likely to show any mishaps.

Glass Splashback

Our personal favourite splashback option at Bellagio Stone is a glass splashback. They are simple, stylish and contemporary in aesthetic, whilst being potentially the most low maintenance option out there on the market. They are heat resistant and durable and keeping them clean and shiny couldn’t be easier. They really offer the ‘wow’ factor and can instantly elevate the look of any kitchen.

glass kitchen splashback (1)

Glass reflects light, so a glass splashback can even make your kitchen feel much brighter and more spacious. This is ideal if you are working with a small space or somewhere that struggles to get much natural light. And you might think that a glass splashback doesn’t offer much in the way of choice – but you’d be wrong. At Bellagio Stone, we offer an infinite number of different finishes in our glass splashback. With a full colour-matching service available, they are the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful stone kitchen worktop.

Timber Cladding

For a home with a traditional, country feel, a timber cladding splashback can be the perfect fit. Timber cladding offers a warm and rustic vibe to a kitchen and oozes character. It sits perfectly alongside wooden cabinets and other natural materials such as quartz and granite worktops.

wood timber kitchen splashback

[Source: https://homemagazine.nz/timber-enclave/

You may think that wood isn’t the most practical option. However, as long as you paint it with a suitable durable and washable paint then you will be able to easily wipe it down after cooking. For an even lower maintenance option, opt for a dark paint colour such as a rich navy or forest green to keep your splashback looking fresh.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is timeless. Much like timber cladding, offers a rustic feel to your kitchen but with an industrial edge. You don’t need to strip back the plaster to achieve this look in your home. Anyone can create an exposed brick splashback in their kitchen using brick slips, which are specially manufactured tiles that have the appearance, colour and texture of real clay brick.

exposed brick splashback

And what’s more hardy than a brick, right? If they can withstand all seasons on the outside of your house, they can certainly withstand the cooking requirements of a busy household. However, you should give your bricks a coat of sealant to protect them from any oil and food stains. This will also stop them from shedding dust in the area where you are preparing food.

Stainless Steel

This is a style that will never look out of place in a kitchen. Stainless steel hobs, hob hoods, sinks, taps and appliances are all at home in any kitchen. For the brave amongst us, take it one step further with a stainless steel splashback. It gives an ultra-sleek and almost futuristic look to your space.

stainless steel splashback

A stainless steel splashback is incredibly practical, hygienic and easy to clean. If you take good care of it, it’ll look flawless for years to come. However, stainless steel can mark quite easily. Be sure to stay on top of any mess to maintain its shine.

When designing or redesigning your kitchen, you may be surprised at just how much of an impact the right splashback can have. Tempted by a glass splashback? At Bellagio Stone, we can advise on the best glass splashback to perfectly complement your stone worktops, along with measuring, creating and installing it too.

Let us take care of it all. Contact us today to get started.

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