What is a Kitchen Upstand?


A kitchen upstand is a thin strip of stone, usually around 100mm, that is installed behind the worktop against the wall. It provides an improved seal for your kitchen, as well as a seamless appearance when matched with the countertop. Its sealed layer allows for easier cleaning, maintenance and overall longevity of your worktop.

Know the Difference: Kitchen Upstands, Splashbacks and Cladding

There are a few common misconceptions regarding kitchen design terminology.

Accessories and interior design elements such as kitchen upstands, splashbacks and cladding have at times been miscategorised by consumers.

This is likely due to all of them being a form of protective and decorative wall finish, so it’s important to recognise the difference.

Kitchen Upstands:

A kitchen upstand is a thin strip of stone above a kitchen countertop used to bridge the gap between the worktop and wall, providing a seal to prevent water from entering behind the counter.


While a kitchen upstand covers a small strip, a splashback is specifically for the area behind the cooker. A splashback is useful for protecting a wall from splashes of water, hence its name.


Cladding is a protective wall finish above the worktop that runs up to the wall cabinets or the ceiling depending on the design of the space. It offers protection from moisture and other kitchen related stains.

Main Purpose and Benefits of Kitchen Upstands

A kitchen upstand protects against any spills from penetrating the inside of your cabinets or staining your walls. It accomplishes this by being sealed. This also makes your kitchen much easier to clean as messes are easier to contain.

While a kitchen upstand is only a thin strip of stone, it does wonders in improving the appearance of your kitchen while offering protection to the general area. It serves as a great combination of form and function.

A kitchen upstand is not just an improvement to your home, but it also can be considered an investment. An eye-catching and luxurious kitchen can increase the value of your home. This is especially true when you consider the appearance of our diverse range of worktops.

How to Maintain your Kitchen Upstand

Aside from an improved aesthetic appearance, when opting for materials such as quartz, granite, porcelain or sintered stone your upstand will be durable, easier to clean and resistant to scratches. While certain stones are less prone to stains than others, we’ve provided some general cleaning tips that are useful for all stone kitchen upstands.

Basic tips for cleaning your kitchen upstand include:

  • Regular cleaning with a microfibre towel to wipe down surfaces.
  • Cleaning spills immediately. This is especially relevant if your worktop and upstand are granite.
  • Avoid using acidic or harsh cleaning chemicals that can damage your sealant.
  • Make sure to dry your surface after every cleaning.

Should You Match an Upstand with your Worktops?

When a kitchen worktop and upstand don’t match it can give the sense of a disorganised feeling. Whether it’s a modern, traditional or minimalist look you’re going for, it’s important to create the ambience of visual harmony. Opting for the same material also makes for a more efficient and cost-effective installation process.

Furthermore, matching your kitchen upstand with your worktop helps in creating a sense of seamless integration and opulence. There is an improved sense of cohesion when both materials match. Selecting the same matching stones for your upstand and worktop can also elevate the appearance of your surrounding cabinets.

Additionally, it gives your kitchen a sleek look and complements any aesthetic, all while making the cleaning process easier as you can utilise the same cleaning techniques for both the worktop and upstand.

Complete Installations with Bellagio Marble Ideas

At Bellagio Marble Ideas, we have over 20 years of experience in the installation of kitchen worktops and upstands that help give the kitchen a lavish appearance. Our team of highly skilled professionals specialises in installations, whether you’ve selected marble, granite, quartz, porcelain or sintered stone, and we have the tools and experience to give your kitchen the wow factor it deserves.

With such a vast array of available choices for worktops and upstands, we understand the difficulties in making a decision. It’s why our friendly team is available to help find the option that best suits you and your kitchen. If you already have an idea of the material you desire and know your dimensions, then you can go ahead and request a quote. Best of all you have the option to seek our professional advice or see our stunning kitchen worktops for yourself at our Warwick showroom.

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