What is sintered stone?

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This premium quality stone is truly like no other. It’s created using a blend of natural minerals using the latest technology, where materials are compressed and then heated until they fuse. The process results in a beautiful slab of sintered stone. Its luxurious appearance combined with its durability is why it’s perfect as a worktop or countertop for any kitchen.  

Composition of Sintered Stone

Those in need of a kitchen countertop might ask,What is sintered stone made of? and How is it different from other stone types?. Sintered stone is crafted through a blend of natural minerals, such as quartz, feldspar and silica along with other materials.

What makes it different from other stones is that it’s non-porous, therefore it doesn’t absorb liquids making it easy to clean and maintain. Since sintered stone is manmade it’s able to come in a variety of colours and patterns to fit any layout.  

Manufacturing Process

How is sintered stone made? It’s through advanced technology that replicates the process and formation of natural rocks. It begins with the collection of raw materials and natural minerals. It’s later ground into a powder and then moulded to form a slab where it’s then exposed to extreme temperatures for several hours. Once it’s cooled it can be polished and different textures can be applied to it. This process is what helps formulate the durability and versatility of the sintered stone, providing it with all the qualities necessary to be the perfect centrepiece for kitchen projects.  

Why Choose Sintered Stone? 

It can be difficult to decide whether sintered stone is the right choice for your worktop or countertop. While there are plenty of options that can lend themselves well to the stylistic design of your kitchen, sintered stone requires the least maintenance due to how it’s manufactured. It also comes in a wider range of designs and finishes that resemble natural stone. Its durability, low maintenance and abstract textures make it a favourable choice for anybody looking for a custom-fabricated countertop that enhances the look of their kitchen. 

Where to Purchase Sintered Stone Worktops 

Bellagio Marble Ideas is where to buy sintered stone countertops bespoke to your kitchen or any in home application. Each sintered stone worktop comes in a variety of colours and patterns, view our showroom to see for yourself what our expert craftspeople are capable of designing.  

There are many luxurious options available so it can be difficult to decide the kind of worktop that best suits your kitchen. That’s why we offer free samples of our worksurfaces in order to help make your vision a reality.  

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips  

Sintered stone worktops are scratch and stain resistant, but it’s important to know how to clean sintered stone to preserve its stunning appearance. There are a few items you’ll want to avoid such as harsh chemicals or scouring pads. Paper towels or a soft cloth with water and a mild detergent will be suitable for most cleaning jobs. It’s important to dry the surface afterwards with paper towels or a microfibre cloth to avoid limescale build up. Each countertop we install comes with thorough cleaning instructions and a guarantee that it remains stain and scratch resistant after installation.  

Get in contact with us through email sales@bmiworktops.co.uk or give us a call at 01926 430626 to start your dream kitchen design journey. 


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