Which Colour of Worktop is Best For My Kitchen? 

white kitchen with grey stone details and a plant on the worktop

The colour of your kitchen worktops is not a decision to be taken lightly. Updating a tired old kitchen or installing a brand new one is not a cheap renovation, so it is important you make all the right choices to get your perfect kitchen. By the time you start to look at kitchen worktop colour choices, you will likely have an idea of other facets of your kitchen, such as the finish of the cupboards, appliances, taps, handles, walls and décor. This will help when you consider your worktops as you will want them to either blend with your overall colour choice or contrast. Then again, maybe you are choosing your kitchen worktop colour first and then designing your kitchen around this. If so, then you have free reign to go with any colour your heart desires – but do consider all those other facets of your kitchen and how the available options will gel with your worktop choice.

white kitchen worktop and white cabinets

Our Collections and Inspiration

If you are looking for theme inspiration for your kitchen worktop colour, then browsing our collections would give you no end of ideas. Our all-quartz Italian Collection looks great in contemporary and traditional designs, our Natural World Collection offers the best of marble, granite and quartzite sourced from across the globe and our New World Collection combines traditional stone and modern enhancing methods to offer natural looking worktops with vast colour options.

Pattern or Purity?

A great first place to start is by deciding whether a patterned finish to your kitchen worktops will complete your vision or a pure colour will offset it perfectly. The most interesting patterns will always be found in granite and marble kitchen worktops as they are naturally formed by crystallised minerals being deposited by evaporated water throughout the years. This makes every veining pattern unique and mother nature part of your interior design team.

You also have great pattern options with man-made materials such as quartz and sintered stone. Along with veining formations, these finishes can come in abstract, speckled and sparkle patterns, though not naturally formed they still look amazing when blended with colour for your kitchen worktops. If you are after a pure colour finish to your worktops whilst still using the best stone materials, then you will most likely find the desired colour in the man-made materials and our New World Collection would be perfect for you.

Which Kitchen Worktop Colour Suits You?

This is not just a question about colour matching and the ability to whip out a designer’s colour wheel this is about how colour truly makes you feel. When asked what our favourite colour is, we all can quickly respond with red, blue, or another but have we ever considered why? We may all consider the idea that darker colours are for broody people and lighter colours for sociable, bubbly types, but these are clichés to be ignored. Blue has always tended to be considered a cold colour to the extent that it is used as a filter to make images cooler but add white tints and it can become vibrant or black shades and it can become comforting. Incorporate this with a pattern and it may even look space-age. Does green feel rich to you? Does red warm you? Does terracotta remind you of the Mediterranean?

Will the Finish Affect my Kitchen Worktop Colour?

With our New World Collection, we can offer a natural stone feel with the benefit of many colour and style options. This is where we come into our own and you discover the worktop that brings your kitchen creation to life. Not only do you have a great range of colours to choose from, but you can decide on whether patterns will be incorporated and even what finish you want. Matt, polished, silk, satin, ultrasoft, honed or even rough for that natural feel. Each finish can deliver a slight alteration to the colour and so this should be something you also consider.

Will My Kitchen Worktop Colour Stand the Test of Time?

As with everything, your kitchen worktop colour will not come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturers, but with the proper maintenance and upkeep, there is a good chance you can keep the colour tone looking showroom ready long after it has been subject to prepping and cooking many family meals.

However, if the precise pattern and colour of your kitchen worktops is your primary motivation in choice then chances are you will have opted for the New World Collection of man-man and natural mix allowing wider colour and style options. Man-made materials have much greater durability and resistance to stains, heat and UV rays, resulting in greater longevity in kitchen worktop finish.

Let’s Find Your Perfect Kitchen Worktop Colour

At Bellagio, we believe in making things beautiful. We listen to our customers as we understand how important it is to help them discover their dream kitchen. We offer a fantastic range of colours, patterns and materials to suit everyone with even more available to view in our stunning showroom. Our experts are on hand to discuss your ideal kitchen and go through all the options available in creating your perfect finish.

Get in touch and let us help bring your vision to life.

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