White Kitchen Designs with the WOW Factor


For many years, white kitchens have been one of the most popular choices for kitchen design. White kitchen designs are considered to be timeless and classic – it’s a colour that never goes out of style. White kitchen designs are bright and clean - as the colour white tends to reflect the light, giving an illusion of space, which is perfect for smaller kitchens.

White kitchen designs are also incredibly versatile as it is a colour that can be paired with a variety of other colours and materials – so it's possible to update the look of the kitchen more easily than having to renovate from scratch, making it an investment into the future of the kitchen space. There are many reasons why opting for white kitchen design ideas is the best option if you want to create the ‘WOW’ factor in your new kitchen, and this blog will explore some of the reasons for this.


Are white kitchen designs always modern?

White kitchen designs have often been associated with modern, sleek and minimalist styles. However, they don’t have to be modern in style as white can be used in a variety of kitchen styles from traditional, to transitional, to contemporary. It’s important to note that the overall design of the kitchen, including the materials, finishes and accessories will determine whether or not the space feels modern.

For example, a white kitchen with simple, sleek, glossy, push-close cabinets and stainless steel appliances and a sleek white stone worktop will look uber-modern in comparison to a white kitchen with distressed wooden cabinetry and a traditional Belfast sink. However, both kitchens could be considered a white kitchen design, but have different overall styles.

Are white kitchen designs usually simple?

White kitchen designs can range from simple to complex, depending on the goals and the desired aesthetic. While some white kitchen design ideas may be intentionally minimalist, clean and simple, others may incorporate intricate details and textures to create a more elaborate design. A simple white kitchen design may feature clean lines, flat-front cabinets and minimal hardware with white as the dominant colour throughout the space. This type of design can create a modern and streamlined look and is often associated with modern, minimalist design styles that make a stunning impression.

On the other hand, a more complex, white kitchen design may incorporate architectural details such as coffered ceilings or mouldings, intricate tilework or splashbacks and a mixture of textures such as wood or stone. This type of design can create a more traditional or eclectic look and may be associated with a range of design styles such as farmhouse, traditional or Mediterranean.

White kitchens can be designed to be modern, traditional or otherwise, depending on the desired aesthetic. And as a white kitchen is a relatively blank canvas, it has the potential to morph into something else when you want to make a change.

Other reasons for choosing a white kitchen design

As previously mentioned, many people choose a white kitchen design for its timeless and classic look and for the way that the bright, clean look can reflect the light and give an illusion of spaciousness.  But a white kitchen design is recommended as a great way to add resale value to your property. A clean, bright, white kitchen is a popular selling point for homebuyers, perhaps because of its versatility – no one wants to feel that they’ve got to move into a new place and redecorate immediately.

A simple white kitchen design allows potential purchasers to see that they can add their appliances and accessories - to give an instant stamp of personality to the space. Simply adding colourful crockery and dishware, plants, kitchen towels and window dressings as well as other items, can create a different ‘feel’ to the space – and can as easily be changed.

White kitchen ideas for the “WOW” factor

While many may consider an all-white kitchen as boring, it is a fact that white kitchens can give a “wow” factor if they are designed and executed well. Firstly, it’s important to note that there are many different shades of white, and many different ways to add texture and interest to an all-white space.

  • Statement lighting: installing a unique and eye-catching lighting fixture such as a chandelier or pendant light can draw attention and create a focal point. Clever lighting can also be made to alter the mood when moving from a daytime space to using the kitchen for evening hospitality.
  • Contrasting textures: different textures and materials within the room can add striking visual interest against a white kitchen background and create a dynamic, layered look. For example, a natural-wood dining table or countertops, a shiny metal splashback, textured tiling and even a mixture of various textures can make a very unique, eclectic look.
  • Bold accents: adding bold accents such as colourful artwork, a strongly coloured feature wall, or patterned tiles can add personality and a pop of colour to an all-white kitchen.
  • Architectural details: incorporating any interesting architectural features that the room has, or can have added, such as coffered ceilings, crown mouldings, arched doorways or exposed beams can all add depth and dimension to an all-white space.


Stone worktops to create a “WOW” factor

There’s no denying that natural-looking textures always create a striking impression and stone countertops will never fail to deliver a “wow” element in a white kitchen design. White stone worktops can come in a variety of different stones, shades and patterns – from marble, quartz, granite and sintered stone.

Pairing the white worktop with different coloured cabinetry or flooring can create a very striking and sophisticated look. White stone worktops can also have different veining or patterns which can create an eye-catching, textured look and the polished, high gloss finish that can be achieved on the surfaces of stone worktops makes for a very glamorous, luxurious feel as well as creating more light reflection into the room. Bellagio has an endless range of white stone worktops which can help you create this “wow” factor, and as each stone is totally unique, no other kitchen worktop will look like the one you install.


So, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, or just want to upgrade your current kitchen to create a bit of a “wow” impression on your family and friends, then why not consider installing a white stone worktop? You can achieve the impact and impression that you’re looking for by simply replacing the countertops, or you can go from scratch to create the white kitchen design of your dreams.

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